The Ultimate List Of The BEST World War II Games Of All Time

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Tank Mechanic Simulator

A niche within a niche, learning how to properly assemble a Schachtellaufwerk, cleaning the insides of a Model V-2 engine, and applying primer to glacis plates isn’t a perfect elevator sales pitch. But, instead of mindlessly assembling back together hunks of metal without rhyme nor reason for wealthy tank collectors, the ability to dig your own rusty beauties of the ground, rebuild them, and build your own Bovington Tank Museum is a life goal few would be able to achieve. The ability to test-drive and take tanks to the range only adds a new layer of interest to an already charming and relaxing game.

Other similar games: None.


It could be said that it had one of the best spins in the strategy genre if it wasn’t one of the earliest world war two franchises around and a staple of the PC gaming golden age of the ’90s. This original, and still to this day, non-replicable masterpiece puts players at the head of special operatives teams working behind enemy lines across various top-secret missions of the Second World War. Each unit has special skills and abilities they’ll have to use in tandem with one another in order to assure the mission is completed and the german war machine gets no rest, even when it thinks it’s outside allied reach. The game sprite work is one of the best to ever grace CRT screens back in the day. It’s a perfect game for those who enjoy some outside-of-the-box problem solving mixed with the gritty brutality of stabbing unsuspecting soldiers in the back. The controls can be quite convoluted by today’s standards but it’s worth the effort.

Other similar games: Partisans 1941, Commandos 2 and Commandos 3.


Technically, you can barely call this a build-your-tank-sandbox-kind-of-game a real wargame but it’s still lovely and charming and it only recently went into early access, briskly obtaining 93% positive reviews. It’s also technical and hard as nails. There’s no “slap a turret, pick an engine and tank go boom”. Tweaking turret turning ratios, the width of the belt track, the diameter of the sprocket wheel, and… oh! Would you like your roadwheels interleaved? Or just regular? What is the preferable spacing on the axle? The turret is not working? Maybe your engine isn’t powerful enough, or that damn counterweight is missing… again! It’s also a great way for people to find out just how hard it is to put 50 tons of steel on some threads and make it run, fire and keep the crew alive. It’s a fantastic game and for its low price, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Other similar games: None.

9 thoughts on “The Ultimate List Of The BEST World War II Games Of All Time

  1. Great overview of many beloved wargames, there are some that I heard of but I haven’t try, I’ll give them a shot in this Steam sale. Awesome work.


  2. Company of Heroes is definitely the best WW2 RTS, although I also really liked Radio General (but a completely different experience).


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