Gary Grigsby’s War In The East 2 – Steel Inferno DLC

The all-encompassing operational simulator of the second world war – Gary Grigsby’s War in the East 2– is a game that amazes and scares in the same measure is getting a new DLC called “Steel Inferno“, set to come out sometime during November.

Steel Inferno will cover the military operations in Yugoslavia in 1944 with eight new scenarios and two new campaigns: “For the first time in the War in the East 2 series, operations in all of Yugoslavia in 1944 are covered. Finnish forces also make an appearance in the area just north of Leningrad. Several scenarios cover the German attack into the Caucasus, including a hypothetical scenario that provides the Germans with an additional army for the campaign. “Drama on the Danube” scenario places the German player in the difficult position of trying to deal with the surrender of Romania and Bulgaria, and the difficulties of the German forces in Greece trying to escape north through partisan-controlled territory”, Matrix Games says.

There is a list of scenarios and campaigns shared by Matrix that I’m going to list here:

  • 1943 Campaign – 3 Jul 43 – 6 Jul 45 – A full Campaign starting out with the German Operation Citadel, the largest tank battle in history. It allows players to explore the best way for the Germans to recover from the earlier Stalingrad debacle, and the best way for the Soviets to beat the Allies to Berlin.
  • 1944 Campaign – 11 May 44 – 4 Jul 45 – A full Campaign that begins with the Soviets readying for the start of their massive Summer 1944 offensives.  Within four months, these offensives led to the destruction of Army Group Center, and the capitulation of Romania and Finland. Within a year, Berlin had fallen. Can you do better?
  • Operation Kutuzov – 12 Jul 43 – 3 Oct 44 – Following the repulse of the German attack on Kursk, Operation Kutuzov was launched to retake Orel and push on towards Smolensk.
  • Road to Karelia – 22 Jun 41 – 11 Oct 41 – The first WitE2 scenario to include a section of the Finnish front. It covers the first 4 months of the German push to capture Leningrad, and the Finnish effort to push the Soviets out of Finnish Karelian territory, recently ceded during the Winter War.
  • Army Group A – Part I – Race for the Caucasus – 25 Jul 42 – 20 Nov 42 – Covers the German attempt to capture the oil fields of the Caucasus in  Summer 1942. This oil could change the course of the war.
  • Case Blue Phase II 42-43 – 25 Jul 42 – 5 Mar 43 – Covers the critical phase of the German attack to seize Stalingrad, along with the rush south into the Caucasus. Assuming the Soviet player can hold on, it also covers the Soviet build-up and counteroffensive that through the Germans back.
  • Case Blue Phase II 43-43 – Alternate – 25 Jul 42 – 5 Mar 43 — What if German High Command hadn’t dismantled their 11th Army after the capture of Sevastopol, but instead had kept it together to help take Stalingrad and the Caucasus. In this scenario you can find out the answer.
  • Army Group A – Part II – Kuban Bridgehead – 1 Feb 43 – 10 October 43 – After the loss at Stalingrad, the German 17th Army was ordered to hold on to the Kuban Bridgehead. They did for over 8 months. Can you?
  • AG C – Kutuzov to Bagration 43-44 – 12 Jul 43 – 2 Apr 44 — This Soviet offensive began as Operation Citadel ended, and recaptured Orel and Smolensk in less than 3 months. Can the Soviets drive further into Belorussia and destroy Army Group Center a year early?
  • Western Ukraine 43-44 – 3 Nov 43 – 25 Apr 44 — The Soviet push into Western Ukraine which led to their recapture of Odessa, and the Battle of the Kemenets-Podolsky pocket. A punishing offensive, but could the Soviets have done even better?
  • Drama on the Danube 44 – 20 Aug 44 – 5 May 45 – A complete look at the unusual and varied fighting across the Balkans in 1944-45. Starting with the conversion of Romania and Bulgaria into Soviet allies, the scenario also covers the desperate attempt of the German forces in Greece to escape north. Covers the transition of the Yugoslavian partisan war into being part of the front line, the Soviet advance through Hungary, the last major German offensive of the war near Budapest, and the fall of Vienna.

In addition to this information, it was confirmed that 2by3 Games classic was last year’s “best-selling” wargame. No wonder, I have previously described it as “an absolute masterpiece of a game, War in the East 2 takes the concept of operational level wargaming to a sickening degree of complexity and detail”, going as fall as to call it mesmerizing. There’s no official release date or price announced as of right now.


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