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Is the Strategy and Wargaming creator an actual stormtrooper and that’s why all of his reviews miss their due date? Or is he just another Tim Stone bootleg? While you could answer both questions with “yes” and he wouldn’t be mad… He is, in fact, neither. His name is Nuno and he’s from Portugal (no, not a province of Spain). Born by the ocean 31 years ago, lived all his life here, and has little intention of going elsewhere. The cold mornings and foggy nights of Porto are a sight seldom seen anywhere else in the world and provide the perfect atmosphere for house-dwelling wargamers and book-guzzling historians. As for his day-to-day job, he works as a communications manager. That is the secret sauce behind the ability to being able to sustain Strategy and Wargaming absolutely for free for everyone to enjoy.


My name is Oli and I’m your new resident couch scratcher. Until a couple of months ago I lived by scouring the streets and back alleys for scraps of food until Nuno took me in under the condition that every week I ditch the wet food and catnip for a couple of days to pen an assemblage of the last seven days’ Strategy and Wargaming news. Since paws don’t allow for the best CPM and my limited ability to rationalize the strategic importance of flanking maneuvers doesn’t lend itself to producing the most in-depth content and analysis, I’ve been put in charge of the website’s maintenance and of keeping the bed warm at night.