Every New Announcement You Need To Know About – Home Of Wargamers Live + Winter Edition

Usually, things like this get relegated to the Strategy and Wargaming News segment that’s supposed to come out every Friday but never does. However, Slitherine and Matrix put out one hell of a show so it can’t wait. It’s amazing how passion, stitched together with a little creativity and ingenuity has transformed a small wargame publishing content into one of the industry’s most interesting success cases. This afternoon, Slitherine unveiled their massive 2022 lineup during a 4-hours long event called Home of Wargamers Live + Winter Edition. If you want to watch the whole thing, I’ll link it down below. If you don’t have time to spare, read the words instead.

Game Announcements

Modern Naval Warfare

Let’s start out with the most technologically impressive title of the bunch, Modern Naval Warfare will put players at the helm of the newest generation of the nuclear USS Virginia- class submarines in the complex battlefields of the 21st century. The developers also stated that there’s the idea floating around they would expand further after release to include other playable systems. The tech on display was pretty impressive and the sheer scale of the battlefield, with more than a million square kilometers of the coastal environment, can be seen here on the trailer. If the game is as complex as it portrays itself to be, learning this could quickly become a full-time job.

Modern Naval Warfare is due to be released on PC in 2022 and will support VR.

Headquarters: World War II

Still not sure what Headquarters: World War II is really about but it describes itself as a “fast-paced turn-based strategy covering the Battle of Normandy in the three plot-driven campaigns and a number of skirmishes”. The gameplay showcased during the presentation did more to glorify the technology being used rather than to present some form of coherent gameplay. Just in case you haven’t heard, the game has destruction. And by the looks of it, it’s going for a focus on vehicle-on-vehicle combat. Indeed, it’s a pretty sight to behold but unfortunately more is needed to spark some form of enthusiastic interest.

The game will be out during 2022.

Broken Arrow

There’s absolutely no way any sane people could look at the first trailer revealing Broken Arrow and thinking “yeah this must be what the game looks like, sure”. Apparently, everybody was wrong, and to prove to us everybody had it wrong, Slitherine brought out the head of Steel Balalaika Studios with a beard more impressive than some games I’ve played this year.

Speaking about impressive, take a look at the gameplay from Broken Arrow and tell me, with a straight face, that it doesn’t look amazing.

Probably, my favorite part of the whole event was when the developer nonchalantly said he stopped counting the units within the game after it surpassed the 200s, and those impressive numbers don’t count with customization options, otherwise, this number would probably double or triple. The maps are enormous and the developer said they’re working on a nice balance between the lethality capabilities of long-range weapons systems of today while, at the same time, keeping infantry fighting and other close combat situations more engaging (something that Wargame failed consecutively). The gameplay also gives the idea that it’s substantially slower than other games in the genre, say Steel Division, Wargame, and Microprose’s Regiments.

Still, no release date announced at the moment but it was said they’re aiming at a second quarter 2022 beta, so there’s that!

Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm

Finally, the new iteration of the WEGO 1980’s Cold War Gone Hot classic is set arrive sometime during the next year. The game features 25 scenarios and 4 campaigns across 40 different maps and players will take the role of commanding officers of the USSR, USA, France, Canada, West Germany, East German and Cheskoslovakia in “a data-rich simulation where each nation has information on National Characteristic, Command Parameters, and Orders of Battle. Data Tables are packed with era-specific equipment and troops. Weapon Systems of the time such as guns, missiles, precision munitions, small arms, and much more are comprenshively modeled”.

Flaspoint Campaigns: Southern Storm is schedule for release on the following year but no precise release date was announced as of yet.

Terminator Dark Fate- Defiance Announced

I really don’t know enough about Terminator to even try and pretend that I know something, so here goes, straight from the press release “new real-time strategy game set within the reinvented franchise. The game follows the war between humanity and Legion’s synthetic intelligent machine network. In the single-player campaign, players take the role of a commander in the Founders faction and guide their army to foil Legion’s plan to destroy humanity. In skirmish and multiplayer modes, three very diverse factions are available: Founders, Legion and Resistance”. What I can tell you is that everything going on in the screen at once is both impressive and scary, if I’m expected to pay attention to all of that at once, but hey! It looks nice and impressive.

Terminator Dark Fate- Defiance is set to be released on PC in 2022.

DLC Announcements

Field of Glory II: Medieval Storm of Arrows DLC

Following the success of “The Ultimate List Of The BEST World War II Games Of All Time“, I’m gearing up to write another about “The Ultimate List Of The Best Medieval Warfare Games Of All Time” so, in what I can only name as a pro-gamer move, Slitherine did what it could to help me out and announced more content for Field of Glory II: Medieval, with a new DLC called Storm of Arrows– a title referring to the English victory during the Hundred Years War over the French at Agincourt. Soon-to-be constables can expect 45 new units relating to the 14th and 15th centuries, 95 new army lists, bringing the combined number of army lists up to 241, 8 Historical Scenarios (including Crécy, Agincourt, and Aljubarrota) and 5 historically-based campaigns.

Field of Glory II: Medieval – Storm of Arrows will arrive on Steam on the 10th of February.

In case you have missed it: Read my Field of Glory II: Medieval Review.

The Necrons Are Coming To BattleSector

The immortal (but extremely petty) Necrons have awakened after their 60 million year slumber. The new faction brings to the table(top! ah!) 14 new units, new gameplay mechanics, weapons, and skills. This paid DLC will add an entirely new campaign type, built on a “conquest-style” kind of game where Necrons, Blood Angels, and Tyranids will fight to the death. The campaign will take place in procedurally generated maps where capturing territory, building armies, and fighting for the control of valuable resource nodes are the keys to victory.

There’s no release date announced as of yet but we can certainly expect to have our go at the Necrons soon-ish.

In case you have missed it: Read my Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector Review.

Panzer Corps 2: Pacific DLC

For the first time in its history, the Panzer Corps franchise goes to the far-east in order to explore the Pacific Theatre of Operations. The new DLC finally bring Imperial Japan to this Panzer General spiritual-successor both as an opponent and as a playable faction. Naval combat got a rework and naval rules were changed to fit the importance the sea had in the conflict (the term “Pacific”, which refers to the “Pacific Ocean” should give you a general idea of how important naval combat was). A new campaign, lasting from 1941 to 1943 will take cyber-Admirals to Wake Island, Coral Sea, Midway, and many others.

Panzer Corps 2: Pacific will be available sometime during 2022.

Valor & Victory: Stalingrad DLC

V&V never really clicked for me, its UI was so obtuse I had a hard time even trying to figure out what was going on and didn’t find it particularly interesting, to begin with. But clearly, other people do because it’s getting a brand new Stalingrad DLC featuring 12 new maps for both single and multiplayer, 12 new historical scenarios, and 1 new nation (Russians).

Valor&Victory: Stalingrad is set to be released in the first half of 2022.


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  1. Looking forward to the WeGo Stalingrad game, Campaign Series Vietnam, and Scramble very much. Wish they had a turn-based modern naval wargame in the works, too

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