Strategy and Wargaming News – 28th March – Naval Campaigns Kriegsmarine, Warplan Pacific, Avalon Digital Sale

This is a poor man’s week for news in this small but gentle corner of the internet. However, scour far and wide and eventually, something comes up! It might be great, it might be bad. So let’s start by getting the worse out of the way!

Starship Troopers Delayed – Would You Like To Know More?

Unfortunately, Slitherine’s Starship Troopers is getting delayed a couple of months and won’t see the light of day until the 16th of June.

This isn’t the first time the game has suffered some delays but it was due for launch on March 31st. As long as it is for a good cause, players seldom have a problem with it. The reason for this announcement was rather simple: the developers feel that “a few extra months of further polish and bug fixing will make a significant difference” in the quality of the title. And if recent releases are anything to go by -Yes, I am looking at you, Battlefield- then it’s better for a game to arrive later but well cooked than to be a half-baked mess.

Fortunately “The game is now content complete and all the remaining development time will be entirely focused on refining what already exists”.

“There’s very little doubt in my head that this is going to be a sales hit, especially amongst starving fans of the series. The game is solid in its own right and is by no means expecting an easy piggyback ride from the franchise it’s drawing from. Unlike most cash grabs, the developers actually took their time to understand how they could properly translate the combat style seen in the movies to the digital realm and the result is phenomenal. Polish a few things here and there and it has all the necessary ingredients to become a core part of such a beloved franchise” – This is an excerpt from my preview, read it whole here!

Slitherine Nominated for Best Indie Publisher

Slitherine is riding high on its recent successes, now being nominated by the MCV Develop Awards 2022 for the category of Best Indie Publisher. I don’t get paid by anyone to shill for them, but if there’s one company I can get recognized as worthy of this achievement is Slitherine. You can vote for them here.

Naval Campaigns – Kriegsmarine Coming Soon!

Wargame Design Studio recently announced that they’ll be launching up another entry into their Naval Campaigns series titled Kriegsmarine.

Unsurprisingly, this new title will put a larger emphasis on the naval engagements in which the German Navy participated on the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. This recently announced title will focus primarily on surface forces, instead of U-Boat operations. There are at least 50 scenarios completed and wargamers can “Expect a range of different situations including anti-convoy, interception and even the sinking of HMS Glorious, one of the few times an aircraft carrier was sunk due to surface action”.

Here are a couple of screenshots. Check out the developer’s page linked above for more.

Warplan Pacific Out On Steam Right Now

Warplan Pacific has finally reached Steam digital shelves. The simple (but not simplistic) operational level wargame from Alvaro’s Souza Kraken Studios was fairly well-received, even by the critical eye of yours truly, having described it as “a worthy addition to every wargamer collection and a game worth having if you enjoy the operational layer of strategy with a simple, easily accessible design that will keep you island-hopping across the Pacific for weeks”.

Here’s a feature list from the developer:

  • 62 different potential countries
  • Map scale 50 miles / 80km per hex using a Peters map scaling which better represents real distances (Smaller scales can be achieved)
  • 16 different types of terrains subdivided into sizes with each different feature including motorized and non-motorized movement, airfield capacity, and defensive bonuses
  • 12 different resource types
  • 5 different strategic resources
  • Fog of War – detection levels determine information of units
  • Communications Intelligence – Break codes, reset encryption, perform intelligence
  • 5 different weather conditions
  • Land, Sea, and Air specialization
  • 22 different units with 15 different attributes, 17 different technological advancements, 14 different specializations
  • 17 different advancements. Each unit has at minimum 2 advancement choices
  • Automatic repair and advancement
  • Multiplayer: play vs the A.I., in hotseat, and PBEM mode
  • Individual Capital Ship groups
  • WW1 Battleship adjustments
  • Light Carriers and Patrol Craft added to the available unit pool
  • Hidden Fleets
  • Added air and naval Specialties

If you would like to know Alvaro’s story and his thinking behind the creation of his Warplan series you can read his interview here!

GOG Spring Sale

Good Old Game is currently running a spring sale until the 4th of April and it has some decent discounts in Strategy games. Here’s the whole thing! And here are my personal picks under 10 euros.

World in Conflict: Complete Edition – 2.49€

Homeworld Remastered Collection – 3.19€

XCOM 2 – 2.99€

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom – 2.79€

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack – 5.99€

Any of the older Close Combat games that will set you down in between 2.79€ and 8.19€

Avalon Digital Publisher Weekend

The same thing goes for Avalon Digital, whose Publisher Weekend will be running until later today! The company run by Philippe Thibaut, the man behind the Europa Universalis board game has quite the stash, with discounts going as high as 60% on their most recent titles. I can personally endorse SGS Heia Safari as a fantastic and unique World War I experience that far strays from the typical trench slog of French countryside the war is known for, focusing instead on the resistance the German forces led by Von Lettow for four years against the allied forces of Britain, Belgium, and Portugal. For 8.39€ or your regional equivalent, it’s an absolute steal.

And just before you all go, help me out creating the Ultimate List of the Best 100 Wargames of All Time! And just in case you don’t know, Strategy and Wargaming now has a Facebook Group you can join and discuss things like “The Ultimate List of the Best World War II Games of All Time“. Just saying, you’re really missing out! This is all for this week! See you again soon!

Oh, here’s another image from Second Front, Jo Bader’s upcoming tactical-turn-based World War II delight!


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  1. I don’t understand how you can possibly endorse War Plan Pacific. Have you even played the game? I challenge you to explain the ship movement and combat system. It is a mess.


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