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Tacticon Is In Full Swing

Here is the complete list of games featured during the broadcast, as well as the announcements:

Blade Prince Academy – developer Angel Corp and publisher Firesquid revealed the anime-style tactical RPG’s Kickstarter campaign and demo.

Jumplight Odyssey – League of Geeks debuted a new trailer for its upcoming sci-fi colony sim.

No Creeps Were Harmed TD – MinMax Games Ltd. showed off the first-ever gameplay footage for its recently announced tower defense game.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – Mimimi Games debuted a new Island showcase video for the upcoming stealth strategy game.

Shardpunk: Verminfall – developer Clockwork Pile and publisher Retrovibe showed off new footage from the tactical RPG’s upcoming Rat Pack DLC.

ENDLESS™ Dungeon –  developer Amplitude Studios SAS and publisher SEGA want everyone to join the beta for their upcoming rogue-lite tactical action game.

Reus 2 – Abbey Games announced a sequel to its iconic god game, partnering with publisher Firesquid to bring the ten-year-old series to new audiences.

Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life – developer Auroch Digital and publisher Secret Mode had more to share from the recently announced space management game.

Men of War II – developer BestWay and publisher Fulqrum Publishing invited everyone to join the WW2 real-time strategy game’s open beta that’s running right now!

Vagrus – The Riven Realms – Lost Pilgrims Studio shared more on its open world sRPG’s first major expansion, Sunfire and Moonshadow.

Solium Infernum – League of Geeks’ own Trent Kusters, co-founder and studio director, gave us an in-depth look at various features in the upcoming grand strategy game.

Kriegsfront Tactics – Toge Productions had more to share on its upcoming procedural turn-based mecha squad tactics game, including a brand-new demo for the event.

The Riftbreaker – EXOR Studios showed off more for the action strategy game’s upcoming Into The Dark expansion.

Stickman Trenches – Big Play Games gave us an exclusive look at the WW1-themed real-time strategy game’s first major content update.

Project Haven – Code Three Fifty One’s turn-based strategy and tactics game has a brand new demo available as part of TactiCon 2023.

Star★Vaders – developer StarVaders Team has also created a new demo for its upcoming  roguelike-deckbuilding tactical shoot-em-up game.

Yield! – Billionworlds revealed new factions and units for its upcoming compact 4X game.

Super Fantasy Kingdom – Feryaz Beer unveiled the first test for the upcoming fantasy roguelite city builder.

The Settlings – The pixel art settlement builder and resource management game has added a unique map to the demo to try as part of TactiCon.

Breachway – FTL meets Slay the Spire deck-building strategy game – gets its first-ever gameplay demo.

TactiCon 2023 runs until May 15 and is co-hosted by indie strategy publishers Hooded Horse and Firesquid.

Task Force Admiral Is Beautiful

What else do you need to know about Task Force Admiral- Vol.1: American Carrier Battles? Go and wishlist it! Go!

Rule The Waves 3: Build Your Navy and Conquer The Seas

Are you ready to embark on a journey through naval warfare history? Step into the shoes of a Grand Admiral in Rule the Waves 3, a thrilling simulation game that allows you to design, construct, and command your very own navy. From the era of pre-Dreadnoughts to the advent of Aircraft Carriers and Missile Cruisers, immerse yourself in the strategic challenges of managing a fleet from 1890 to 1970.

Rule the Waves 3 offers a unique experience as you navigate the complexities of ship design, fleet management, and intense naval warfare. Whether you’re facing the technological advancements of steam and iron warships or the dawn of missile technology, every decision you make will shape the course of history. With campaigns starting in different time periods and running through 1970, you have the power to forge your own path and create a new narrative with each playthrough.

Take command of your navy’s deployment, construction, and operations as you navigate the political landscape and technological innovations of the time. Manage your naval budget, negotiate naval treaties, and handle the interference of influential figures. Conduct research and development to unlock new ship designs and tactics, while espionage keeps you informed about the progress of competing navies. Submarines, airships, aircraft, and missiles will all play a crucial role, altering the balance of power on the high seas.

Rule The Waves 3 launches on 18th May.

Door Kickers 2: New Content, Fixes and Exciting Features

The Door Kickers 2 guys have been hard at work, developing new technology and features to bring you an unparalleled gaming experience.

One of the highlights of this update is the addition of five new maps in the Tiny Troubles 2, Deck of Cards, and Extreme Rescues 2 Mission Packs. These thrilling environments will test your tactical skills and provide endless hours of gameplay. In addition to the new maps, they’ve made significant improvements to the Mission Generator, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience every time you play.

Prepare for intense firefights with the introduction of the Dushkas, deadly weapons operated by your troops. However, be mindful of their limited traverse speed and arcs. While you can’t climb on vehicles and man those guns, neither can the enemy. Additionally, new weapons have been added, including the intriguing SVU-A, a bullpup format marksman rifle perfect for urban warfare, and pump shotguns sourced from Coalition forces.

Read the Door Kickers 2 review here.

Revitalizing Tactical Combat: Squad Battles Get a 4.01 Update

Over the course of eighteen months-“To say this has been a mammoth undertaking is an understatement.”, said the developing team- numerous enhancements and bug fixes were meticulously crafted, resulting in the highly anticipated release of Squad Battles Version 4.01. The team tackled dated graphics, reimagined the stacking system to display multiple vehicles and guns in the same hex, and introduced top-down rotating images for all vehicles and guns. With improvements like PNG graphics support, new tabs for identifying unit types or states, and enhanced pathfinding, the game has undergone a significant transformation.

Among the notable enhancements are the addition of new weapon types, game action speed control, and improved stacking to prevent towed or fixed guns from concealing other units. Furthermore, the scenario editor offers pathing capabilities similar to those in the popular NPB series. These enhancements, combined with the addition of 2D and 3D game graphics, make Squad Battles Version 4.01 a must-play for both existing owners and tactical combat enthusiasts.

With its newfound enhancements, bug fixes, and visual upgrades, the series will hopefully regain its place as a hidden gem in the realm of tactical gaming.

Read about all the improvements here.

Unity of Command II – Don ’42: Unleash the Soviet Counteroffensive

Experience the crucial moments of the Soviet Union’s winter counteroffensive in Unity of Command II – Don ’42. As the desperate battles of late summer and autumn 1942 unfold, the Soviet high command strategically preserves its reserves, meticulously planning for a devastating strike against Hitler’s armies. Now, with the German forces overstretched and Stalingrad reduced to ruins, it’s time for the Soviets to turn the tide of war.

Take command of fresh Tank Corps as you launch daring ‘deep battle’ strikes into the enemy’s rear. But beware, the fascist invaders may be weakened, but they still pose a significant threat.

With 11 historical scenarios, Unity of Command II – Don ’42 puts you in the driver’s seat of rewriting history. Will you sever the German retreat route through Rostov and advance as far as the Dnieper, halting Manstein’s backhand blow? The fate of the war lies in your hands as you strategize, command your forces, and make critical decisions that will shape the outcome of this crucial winter campaign.

To be released on 18th May.

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