Strategy and Wargaming News- 7th August – Order of Battle, City of Gangsters, Broken Arrow

Who knew Cities: Skylines could enthral someone so much that any meaningful existence outside the digital boundaries of Los Vegas, yes: Los Vegas- could mean so little. Indeed, yours truly has been scouring the Steam Workshop mod facility for all things american in the hope of finally recreating something that can hold a candle to something like this. The next one is mine and I’m very proud of it! Going for that Brooklyn look. That’s my excuse for last week news absence.

Order of Battle: Allies Resurgent announced

Free to play, World War II hex-extraordinaire Order of Battle is getting another DLC called Order of Battle: Allied Resurgent. The second entry in the trilogy (the first one was Allies Defiant) that follows the war from the Allied PoV. The game starts at Operation Torch in 1942 and ends up with the players fighting over the Gustav Line in early 1944. No available release date on the horizon but there’s going to be new units for both Axis and Allied countries, two new specializations and five new Allied Commanders. The fact that Order of Battle has been going strong for 6 years and just recently released an Xbox version goes a long way to show everyone that wargaming done right still has a healthy market.

Broken Arrow Breaks Down Helicopters

Let’s say Broken Arrow raised a couple of eyebrows when it was revealed a couple of months back by trying to tackle Euge Wargame in its own field of battle. After detailing the inner working of their mechanical powerhouses, Broken Arrow takes to the skies to explore how rotorcraft warfare is going to play out in this up and coming RTS. If the wargame fairy were to give one simple wish, all I want from Broken Arrow is that it goes really in-depth with their infantry mechanics, something that both Wargame failed to do and Microprose’s Regiments is going to fail from what was available during the Steam Games Festival.

Highfleet is Out and About

Not going to lie, I had some doubts when I heard about the revival of MicroProse, but the recent release of Highfleet and their upcoming line of games have done everything they can to dispel any disbelief I had in the new ownership of the brand. Rather than puppeteering the husk of what remained, the management is actually putting time, effort and money where it’s mouth is. Highfleet is out and sitting at a respectable 86% very positive Steam reviews. Might I also take the opportunity to remind you, dearest reader, that Strategy and Wargaming was the first website to interview -and quite possibly play- Second Front, so make sure you check out me and Jo Bader, the sole developer having a chat about all kind of World War 2 minutiae.

City of Gangsters releasing August 9th

On the cusp of its release, City of Gangsters has unveiled a new trailer showcasing the game basic premises and inner workings. Take a good, long look at the trailer because it might be the last one you see for a while, because after diving deep into this gangster-sim with cement boots you’re gonna have a hard time coming out. Having taken it for a ride during the last Steam Games Festival, impressions on it were overwhelmingly positive.

A Total War Saga Troy Mythos announced

What is MYTHOS? I’ll answer that for you, Creative Assembly: What Troy should have been. When Myth makes for better gameplay than the “Truth behind the Myth”, that’s the approach one should take when developing a game based in Antiquity. Imagine if A Total War Saga: TROY had done upon release- If there’s a lesson to be learned with the commercial success of Total War: WARHAMMER is that there’s a lot of potential to explore the fantastic within the Total War frame. In fact, I would argue, TW is doing a better job with their fantastical titles than they ever did with the historical ones. Fight me on this. It’s releasing September 2nd.

Stellar Warfare Reaches Early Access

Finally coming out of the hyperspace, Stellar Warfare is entering Steam Early Access in a couple of days. The promising real-time-strategy title brings explosive visuals and promising gameplay, by incorporating the third dimension into space battles, a mechanic that made Homeworld so famous.

Stellar Warfare is also going all out in terms of ship customization, allowing for, and I’m quoting here: “millions of ship configurations”.

XCOM Franchise is on Sale

This is just a heads-up, really- check it out.

Even More Trailers

Writing- and reading- about trailers is far from being interesting and , most importantly, it adds absolutely no value. So instead of penning a couple of paragraphs with what I consider to be useless information. Instead of post less news, which isn’t necessarily the best option, due to how little there are, I’ll just finish these weekly recaps by posting the most recent and interesting trailers.


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