Strategy and Wargaming News – 2nd of July – Task Force Admiral, War on the Sea, Mannor Lords

After last week’s monumental effort to finish my Steam Summer Sale recommendations, coming back to scout the internet for strategy and wargaming news feel like a breeze. This past couple of weeks things have kind of slowed down a bit after E3 and with the Steam Summer Sale raging on, wargamers everywhere have more than enough games to tug at their attention strings.

Task Force Admiral developer update

If the excellent War on the Sea wasn’t out by now, I would dare to say that Task Force Admiral would give it an interesting run for it’s money. Still no release date in sight.

War on the Sea Manual and Tutorial updates

Killerfish Games, the developers behind Atlantic Fleet, Cold Waters and War on the Sea decided to update the in-game tutorial and PDF manual to be compatible with the new features made available by the release of version 1.08e5. If you purchased the game during the Steam Summer Sale- like your dearest- then you’ve already learned your way through the updated tutorials.

Expert to analyse the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa in FoGII

Field of Glory II Medieval -Reconquista has been praised by it’s realistic portrayal of medieval warfare. Slitherine are putting that to the test by having Jose A. Marquez Periano and Richard Yorke retracing the various steps of Las Navas de Tolosa. I’ve actually played it and discussed the troop deployment with other fellow historians and the first thing they notice was the Portuguese flank being accurately represented. Well done, Byzantine Games. Watch the Stream on July 16th here. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to read my in-depth review and historical analysis discussion on the nature of medieval warfare here.

Italians arrive in Steel Division 2

Eugen Systems is steadily pumping out new content into Steel Division 2 and, if a couple of weeks back it was written that a Tribute to the Liberation of Italy would bring spaghetti eating soldatos into the game, a couple of days ago, in a Developer Diary, Steel Division intentions were laid bare. Two Italian divisions, the 4a Divisione Alpini “Monterosa”, the créme de la créme of the Italian army will fight on the axis side as an alpine division, mainly composed by homemade hardware such as the Autoblinda 41 and the P26/40, whose ineptitude was comparable to the japanese armoured vehicles. This division will be reinforced by some german hardware.

Fighting for the allies is the Corpo Italliano di Liberazione, mainly composed by cheap light troops and their armoured power will come in the form of the 2nd Polish Armoured Brigade, lending a small hand by delivering into the field much needed Shermans and Stuarts. You can read the whole thing here.

War Hospital to partner with UK’s Imperial War Museums

There’s little out there about War Hospital but the game takes place during 1917, on the Western Front and puts players in the shoes of major Henry wells, a retired medic drafted into the chaos of World War 1. The developing team behind it publicized yesterday they are partnering with Imperial War Museums. The Museum is going to offer historical advice and guidance to create “a more authentic gaming experience”. It should be interesting to see how this one pans out.

Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector will have more factions

The developers at Black Labs, the ones behind the up-and-coming Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector have recently released an FAQ confirming plans to add more factions after the game’s release but can’t disclose on what those are going to be. The game is fantastic and I’ve written 3 previews on it, make sure you read about the first two missions here, the first six here and, if you’re planning on getting the game on release, have a got at my tips and tricks on how to survive the tyrannid onslaught here.

Mannor Lords is a thing

This isn’t really news but this past week was the first I’ve heard from this game and it’s rather impressive.


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  1. Just want to say you are my go-to war gaming news site since wargaming . com got bought out. Thanks for all you do! Keep up the great work!


    1. I’m also on the same page of this comment, you sir are bringing the news now for this community. Thanks.


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