The Satisfying Art of Reloading- Medal of Honor Allied Assault

I’ve been eager to write about reload animations in videogames for months now, but covid and work have been getting in the way of what is supposed to be an extend research into the incredible, almost magical world of videogame gun animations. Be it either the cathartic slap in the MP5, the the satisfying metalic clacking of cycling a bolt action rifle or cocking a shotgun shell before blasting virtual people into kingdoms’ come- the art of reloading permeates videogames gun culture and is more often than not an essential ingredient to make or break the believability of a setting.

I’m starting this journey by exploring and recording some of the most iconic weapon animations in videogame history. Maybe I will find some time to write a script and add some commentary later on but for now I hope you enjoy the video of an all time classic: Medal of Honor Allied Assault.

While crude and even simplistic by todays’ standarts, MoH weapons animations were- in the early 2000s- some of the best videogame gun animations ever created, helping to consolidate some of the iconic imagery of World War II into popular culture. The video quality is not on the level of quality I expect but for some reason I cannot get better quality out.


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