Strategy and Wargaming News – 20th November – Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm, Against The Storm, Regiments

Well, well. Guess who’s back and ready to start delivering the good news every week once more? Just in case you’re one of those younglings who doesn’t use Facebook, then I guess I owe you an explanation. It so happens that yours truly recently started a new Post-Grad in Management. Unsurprisingly, the classes take place Friday night and Saturday morning, which had become my writing schedule for the last year and a half. So, with that part of my day being busy with classes, it gets extremely difficult to find time to write well-thought pieces. Besides, most of my brain cells are already busy enough to entertain themselves with the strategic challenges presented in such an academic program. So yeah, for the next 9 months or so, things will be a bit tipsy around here. One week I’ll have the news ready and on time, and in other cases, I might be gone for a month. Of course, Strategy and Wargaming is here to stay and as soon as I get this part behind me, things will go back to normal. As of right now, my release dates have gone back so much you could mistake my schedule for the Russian frontlines around Kherson, am I right?

Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm Is Out

After topping every list of the “Best Cold War Wargames of all time” with Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm for years and years, the developing team finally came out with a sequel, nearly a decade later. You can expect the same oldie-goldie gameplay of the original, as the “grand tactical wargame set at the height of the Cold War” this is. The curious thing about Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm (and Red Storm) is the asynchronous WEGO turns, where commanders will issue orders and observe what happened, however, the time passed between each order isn’t always the same. It’s a complex game to get into and will require players to place a certain amount of hours of practice before being able to spell the word: comfortable without hiccuping. The game is out on Matrix Games and will set you back €61,99. Oh, and Red Storm is currently 70% off, costing a measly €15,30. Quite the deal, if I say so myself.

Starship Troopers Chemical Reaction Update

The excellent Starship Troopers: Terran Command got a recent free update aptly named: Chemical Reaction. This will contain three new scenarios, a new unit time (Chemical Trooper), and a game changer mechanic, the TPS or Target Priority System, which allows commanders to dictate to their units what type of bugs to aim for, instead of simply shooting at the closest ones.

Regiments Roadmap For 2023

Since my criticism about Regiments is usually deemed to be due to my lack of appreciation for the work of a single dev (instead of being due to things like personal taste and not having fun with the title), I’ll refrain from making more of you mad. So if you like Regiments, great. It’s even greater because the roadmap for the upcoming year has been revealed and more warring nations will arrive on the battlefields: the UK, Netherlands, Poland, France, Canada, and Czechoslovakia. The developer hasn’t yet decided on what the final update might bring, but heliborne and motorized infantry are on the way, and custom Operations too (an elaborate skirmish mode).

Lisbon Is Now Available In Mini Motorways

That’s just that. And I guess I should mention that there’s a new Endless and Expert Mode. Endless is… endless and Expert is for… experts! Mini Motorways is great. Moving on.

Against The Storm Hits Early Access

Hooded Horse was very nice in giving me access to their “dark fantasy city builder”, unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to try it before it went live. However, a quick glance at its steam page fills me with joy, with the Overwhelmingly Positive reviews it got from players. Now I know that when I finally get a couple of free minutes to boot this one up, a mostly good experience will be waiting for me.

It describes itself as a city-builder roguelike by combining elements from both genres: building settlements on one hand and collecting valuable meta-progression resources across 5 district biomes with hundreds of gameplay modifiers. The game is in Early Access so we can expect a lot of improvements to happen before it goes 1.0v. Expect a 5th playable species, new glade events, new perks, new buildings, new modifiers, new decorations, UI improvements, and many more. Against the Storm is costing €19,99.

Gates of Hell – Scorched Earth DLC Is Out

The second paid DLC for Gates of Hell: Ostfront is out now and brings 25 new units, 4 all-new USSR, and 4 German single-player missions. New buildings and more aerial reconnaissance units. The German campaign features the siege of Sevastopol and the Battle of Narva, while the Soviets will be fighting to win in Kursk and liberate Kyiv. Gates of Hell- Scorched Earth costs 9,99€ or your regional equivalent.

Unity of Command II – Desert Fox

The entry-level favorite for those that enjoy eating pretzels and drinking beers keeps getting some love from 2×2 Games and Croteam. This time, love comes in the form of the Afrika Korps and Erwin Rommel.

Help the Italians come back from the brink of disaster in Northern Africa in more than 25 scenarios taking you across the Mediterranean theatre from 1941 to 1943. There are already now separate alt-history tracks to go down. No price was announced, but Unity of Command II – Desert Fox is set to release on the 8th of December.

Fire & Maneuver Updated

The Armchair Historian’s first venture it video games could have definitely gone better, but one can’t say it’s all bad. Yours truly described it as “a simple game- and I think it isn’t fair to say, it’s also simplistic- it’s a good game with some potential to capture eager historians into the wargaming rabbit hole. It’s a good introductory title that will do wonders to bring new blood into an aging audience. What it doesn’t do, however, is something interesting, or at least different, than other games, already out there, so if you happen to be a grizzly veteran of other, more complex and – I really don’t like this word but here goes- more hardcore titles, then there’s not a whole lot for you here except for the setting, the non-existing price tag and the curiosity of trying out a new game”.

Focusing on playing defensively is less effective (nerfed, if you will) and melee charges are finally devastating. There are also new tutorials, the overwhelming bloom effect no longer affects roads and the game has been massively optimized. Fire & Maneuver is free if you want to give it a go.

Iron Harvest – World Map Update

And to round things up for this week, Iron Harvest got a World map based on Schierland “a vast continent containing many interlocking territories” if you’re interested in running the gauntlet of painting yet another world map with your faction colors. This is all I have time for this week, but hopefully, we’ll see each other again soon, with Christmas right around the corner, things are sure to calm down a bit. In the meantime, I hope you’re doing well and keep on checking the website.

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