Make Sure You Follow Strategy and Wargaming In Social Media

Across 2021 Strategy and Wargaming reached an audience I never thought possible. At the moment the site is racking up hundreds of views a day and I don’t intend in stopping it’s growth anytime soon in the never ending road of making Strategy and Wargaming the real Home for fans of both genres.

Of course, nothing builds itself and the only reason SaW is doing so good is because of every single one of you that takes some precious time of your day to read what I have to pen.

Having in mind the success the 2020 Christmas giveaway had in bringing even more viewers to the website, I’ll be repeating the same process as last year with a twist that, instead of taking place in the website, it’s going to happen at the social media page for SaW and it’s going to focus on bringing new folk to Strategy and Wargaming’s Facebook Page and subsequently, the website.

I am not the greatest fan of social media but it goes a long way of projecting the website out there, into the wild west that is the internet so I’ll keep the Facebook Page running smoothly.

And that’s enough rambling for today, so if you have a couple of minutes make sure you click here and drop the facebook page a follow and a like.


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