Strategy and Wargaming News 29th August – Armoured Commander, Townscaper , Age of Empires IV

Welcome to the poor-man’s version of Strategy and Wargaming News. In a week consumed by Gamescom, there’s almost nothing going on is our niche. Zero. Nada. But, for the sake of commitment, I’m going ahead anyways and let you know about the few interesting bits and pieces floating around this past week. Expect very little and come out disappointed.

Armoured Commander II Gets a Massive Update, Again

This lovely ASCII tank simulator is, to this day, one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had driving metal coffins. The fact that Gregory Adam Scott is pumping out Massive updates – yes, with a capital M- almost every couple of months only adds to the complexity of an already ridiculously detailed video game. This time, update 1.0.0 is nonchalantly added a Radio Comms System. Deceptively complex yet so accessible, if yours truly was to write an introductory article on how to get into wargaming, Armoured Commander would rank atop most entries.

Townscaper Ventures Out of Early Access With 1.0 Release

The sea-enveloped, wizened-hamlets of Townscaper are some of gaming’s most relaxed environments. I described it, in my impressions late last year as a ” colourful click-and-plop type of ludological activity where aspiring mayors are free to build to their hearts content. Furiously press that left-mouse button to create, and if regret strikes, just press right one to deplop whatever your wish removed”. Read the whole thing here.

Mini Motorways Is Out

It’s no surprise for avid readers of this website that Cities Skylines is one of my favourite games of all time. A city builder that eventually becomes a traffic-hell manager simulator as cities grow and transform over time. Mini Motorways ditches the entire city building affair to focus exclusively on troubleshooting road networks and optimizing traffic flow. Oh, right. Was about to write on how it was giving me massive Mini Metro vibes. No wonder, as the game is from the same developers, Dinosaur Polo Club. Mini Motorways was amongst Steam July Top Selling Games.

Park Beyond Announced

Here’s a neat announcement that came out of nowhere. Now, theme park tycoons are a dyme a dozen by this day and age but Park Beyond is promising a new kind of adventure. One where gravity is but a piece of imagination and the laws of physics nothing more than a footnote on it’s universe. The few rides showcase on the gameplay video below seem fun and designing them is as simple as dragging and plopping. Let’s see how well it fares against Planet Coaster and Parkitect.

Age of Empires IV New Gamescom Trailer, Gets a Release Date

October 28 marks the date Age of Empires fans have been waiting for more than a decade. A date that has the ability to cement Relic’s repertoire as the greatest developer to have ever existed in RTS history and I’m shattering my finger bones by crossing them so hard for Age of Empires IV. As a really, really small kid when AoE II came out, it’s been my pleasure to see the series make a return to form after the disappointment of the original AoE III.

Total War TROY : Mythos DLC Out September 2nd

This one is rather self explanatory, and it’s about to turn TROY into the game it should have always been. If you want to read more about it, click here. That’s all I got for today. September is just around the corner so an influx of announcements and releases is approaching steady and fast. Cheers!


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