Townscaper is the Perfect City Builder for the Stress-Afflicted

To be thouroughly forthright from the get go: there’s very little taking place in the sea-enveloped, wizened-hamlets of Townscaper. No traffic surfeit clogging up your boulevards due to your cabinet’s innadequate asphalt-laying undertakings. No extensive district policies to pick from. Nil denizens bewailing the intensification in noise pollution in their previously gentrified parcels. No tax sliders to consider. Rejoice a life absolutely devoid of politics and embrace been free from anxiety of power-management distribution, water-availability counters and sewage treatment quotas. Don’t worry about rampant criminal activity or fire hazards. No intercity-bus comutes to lay out and plan, no regional trains and international airports to maintain. Zero budget to allocate. Townscaper is no place for bureucrats.

What it is, is a colourful click-and-plop type of ludological activity where aspiring mayors are free to build to their hearts content. Furiously press that left-mouse buttom to create, and if regret strikes, just press right one to deplop whatever your wish removed.

Build a whimsical burg, a miniature kingdom, a ritzy mediterranean municipality, a chromatic lighthouse… Townscaper offers capricious players an unreasonable colourful kaleidoscopic of tints, hues and shades to work with. I really don’t want to add anything else about Townscaper as it is such a special piece of software that trully deserves to be experienced by the inexperienced. In fact, this whole article is nothing more than an excuse to share some shots from my very own creations. Be safe, everybody!


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