Total War Warhammer III Gameplay Reveal

This week, every news has such a big sense of emergency! But you’re not here to read my extensive analysis of this reveal, all you want to see is burly Kislev warriors fighting against daemons and Exalted Bloodthristers in this new battle mode called survival where players can use supply points to use on barricades, towers, traps, reinforcements and buffs to try and defeat the forces of Khorne at the Brass Citadel.

Doctor Strange-like effects of Chaos forces teleporting into the battlefield have me ecstatic but Katerin going full Tony Hawk Pro Skater half-pipping above the khornish hordes is just the cherry on top of a very sweet cake. By the end there’s a ice-bear fighting a Balrog from Lord of the Rings. Perfection.

For years I’ve thinking about writing something on the “Tactical Considerations of Warhammer” and how it manages to refresh the Total War formula by breaking the holy trinity of Infantry-Ranged-Cavalry by adding units so unique and different to each faction that every battle has the potential of turning into an interesting and unique challenge. Even if the AI is not the best at planning, a dragon in the battlefield is still a dragon, no matter how well the computer is using it. Just by sheer force of it’s own existence and power it’s still going to be a considerable foe.

Total War: Warhammer games carry a very different flow and avoid falling into the usual tedious traps of previous Total War of having to auto-resolve every battle because they’re going to be the same units, the same legions and warbands going at it. Maybe I’ll finally get the article out of draft list.


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