The Best (and Cheapest) Strategy Games in GoG Spring Sale

Welcome! It seems that GoG is having a Spring Sale running until the 5th of April with some excellent prices on a dozen Strategy and Wargames and, best of all, having them free from the tyrannical grasp of DRM. Let us feature some Historical First Person Shooters too. Unlike my monumental Steam Summer Sale Recommendations, the games showcased here are relatively old and I don’t think they need any kind of overly extensive description. So I’ll be as minimalist as a piece of Donald Judd’s plexyglass.

-92% €3.99 X-COM2
-90% €3.99 Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
-80% €5.99 X-COM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack
-80% €1.69 Jagged Alliance 2
-79% €0.89 Soldiers: Heroes of World War II
-75% €12.49 BattleTech Digital Deluxe Edition
-75% €2.09 Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game
-71% €1.49 Blitzkrieg Anthology
-71% €1.49 Blitzkrieg Anthology 2
-70% €22.19 Gary Grigsby War In The East9
-69% €1.29 Praetorians
-69% €1.29 Imperial Glory
-66% €13.59 Steel Division 2
-60% €1.99 Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30
-60% €1.99 Brothers In Arms: Earned in Blood
-60% €3.99 Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway
-50% €2.79 Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom
-50% €4.69 SWAT 4 Gold Edition
-50% €13.99 Field of Glory II
-39% €3.09 Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlim
-39% €3.09 Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord
-39% €3.09 Combat Mission: Afrika Korps
-14% €7.69 Dorfromantik

Just letting you folks know that I’ll be writting a piece on the Brothers In Arms series, one of my all time favourites. At the moment I’m still playing Earned in Blood so it might still be a couple of weeks away. Stay tuned to learn more about the up-and-coming Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector special units.


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