One of the best RTS of all time is now free

Click baiting aside, this is really a Public Service Announcement if I’ve ever heard of one. Just a reminder that Wargame: Red Dragon is now free and up for the grabs at Epic Games Store and you should really get it, here.

With some of the games Epic shoves out there for free, sometimes it feels that those are just bait for paid DLC but the masterpiece of EugenSystems, Wargame: Red Dragon it is really a very content-rich game, able to stand on it’s own 2 feet without any proper DLC. I would go as so far that unless you have any particular interest in the four nations of the DLCs you won’t even notice they’re missing from the total 21.

So, if you don’t have the game I highly recommend getting it, and if you have it on Steam, it’s still free so go get it on EGS. Not only it is the best Wargame in the series, it’s also one of the most complex (the game features nearly 2000 unique units), highly detailed RTS of all time with some phenomenal graphics, a good campaign and an avid multiplayer community still playing it to this day.


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