Fantasy General isn’t fantasy anymore

“Three hundred years have passed since the Shadow Wars have ravaged Keldonia and the world of Aer”, in real life years it only took over two decades for Fantasy General to return!

Think about it, in the last 20 years Humanity proved the existence of Dark Matter, discovered evidence of water on Mars, mapped out the human genome and we even captured the first ever image of a black hole!

It makes you feel rather old, doesn’t it? Well not me!

I never really played the first Fantasy General so there’s really not a lot I can add to this conversation right now other than letting anyone who’s interested in this that it exists and it is coming later this year. No precise release date has been announced as of yet. I couldn’t find any gameplay either that I could comment upon so my hopes are that as interest in strategy games is growing and cimenting itself into modern gaming that Fantasy General II manage to once more become the quintessential fantastical brawl’em’up.

The state of the website

I know things have been rather quite lately and I am finding some new regular visitors to the site (viewership is increasing! Yey!). Work as been rather busy but I should return to writing in a more day-to-day basis very soon. Instead of doing daily news I am considering a news round up. I also hope to put up more reviews of recently released games and even more academic-oriented articles. We’ll see! Anyways, thank you all for your daily visits even tho I have been failing to deliver lately.


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