Capturing the Tragedy of War in Star Wars

The Universe of Star Wars is richly populated with it’s stories of palatial intrigues in the Royal and Mercantile circles. Light and Dark- Jedis and Sith- have been battling since aeons past, making merciless use of whatever means necessary for what they believe to be the greater good (or evil). The Republic, lead by the weak conglomeration of bureaucrats has fallen into disarray and the Imperial hand has strengthened its grip in the galaxy’s most important sectors. The real henchman of all these battling forces? The faceless soldiers. The ones who fight for honor and valour, the ones who die in the mud and snow so that others might live in lavish luxury.

I traded my rifle for my camera and instead of blasting rebels to the afterlife, for 3 days I took upon the battlefields of a Galaxy Far, Far Away in a venture to capture the tragedy of galactic-wide conflict. The tragedy of those whose names will not be known, of those whose bodies will rot away in far away planets in eternal solitude. I will explain how I managed to do this in the end. For now, just enjoy the gallery.

At the infamous Kamino Cloning Facility, droids and clones engaged in a fierce skirmish on top the platforms as waves crashed and clanked the metal bellow. The ferocity of the fight that ensued contrasted gravely with the aseptic look of its environment. It was there that some of these clones came to life and it was there that they went to lay it back. I was there side by side with the “Djangos” this time.

Having deployed near the northern side of the platforms I was soon taken inside only to be welcomed by the terrifying sight of the dead and dying. The battle had being raging since early morning and it was around 9PM by now.

While comrades populated the floors, those that live kept on fighting, making haste to wet platforms above under the dark-rain filled clouds. Outside the scenario was less grueling. The clone reinforcements that kept on arriving by transport ship from near sectors were assertive in their effort to retake any lost ground.

Some help came along way to make sure this battle was not the last for many of those seen above.

At the same time in the southwestern quadrant the Galaxy, located in the Mytaranord Sector the separatist droid army trounced the beaches of homeworld to the feral Wookiees. The first landings did not went as expect for the “clanks” and try after try they were met by republican firepower. Recovered footage from destroyed droids illustrate the vicious fighting that took place that day.

After the clash came the cleaning efforts and the press that was accompanying the space-fleet was quick to follow suit and register the after-match of the Republican Victory.

By the time the Second Death Star exploded we found ourselves stranded at Tana, or Endor- The Ewok home planet, located in the Outer Rim Territores of the Moddell Sector. What was to be a simple scouting mission turned into an ambush and a 45 minute skirmish against the rebel hordes that found no end. At least until Inferno Squad showed up. In what might look as a highly irresponsible move by the part of the Imperial Press Office I was allowed to reveal for the first time ever snippets of what happened.

Iden Versio lead the charge against the hidden rebel forces, downing their men and proceeding to secure safe-passage for the remaining imperials soldiers, having all escaped aboard re-captured tie fighters and stolen rebel ships.

Out of my archive I found some unreleased hauting pictures of the classical battle at Hoth and the Separatist attack on the Royal Palace of Theed.

While Battlefront II by EA Games itself might rank as the biggest tragedy in Star Wars History this was the most amazing article for me to write. If you want to try and capture your very own screenshots you can do it so by upping your resolution to 4K and disabling the UI in the video options. To remove the weapons from the first person view you need to make sure you’re carrying a blaster that is able to zoom in. You will not be able to perfectly capture what you’re looking for, but the moments you manage to snap will be genuinely played by other human beings.


2 thoughts on “Capturing the Tragedy of War in Star Wars

  1. Good pics. I like the drama that is in the background on the star wars games, it gets you more into this galactic war, that made it more like a war movie than the adventure movie that it appeals many times.


    1. Hey, Marco! Thanks for you comment. I completely agree with you. Star Wars usually ends up reminding me more of World War 2 movies than anything else. I evenly love the “regular soldier” drama of fiction as I do in History.


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