Slay the Spire is out now

20% Deck-building, 10% Roguelike and 70% Early Acess Done Right, Slay the Spire struts into v1.0 with all the pomp and circumstance.

STS has you going up the Spire fighting (somewhat) randomly placed and unique creatures, picking up relics and cards and creating a deck around what you can scavenge from those encounters. With each new addition to your deck and with unique relic unveiled the way you play that run will change dramatically and no run will ever turn out the same.

As the failed attemps pile up you start to develop and elaborate strategies and thinking about what cards go well with one another and which relics you can use to increase your changes of finishing the Spire. It’s a very compelling and addicting “one more run” and you start to feel more capable with each run you make.

Slay the Spire gives you whatever information you need from your enemies to make strategic choices on which cards to play the next turn. While this may seem counter productive to the way card games are played, if you think back to Into the Breach, STS works the same way, removing almost all kind of RNG and thus taking away some of the frustration of having a bad roll à lá XCOM. This makes you feel more in control and unleashes your creative potential to make use of more agressive and bold tactics instead of slowing plowing your way through a fight afraid that the RNG Gods decide to give you an underserved smack.

Here’s what the developers have added during their gestation in Steam’s baby making machine, but you can read more if you click on the link.

Content added during Early AccessLots of little things were changed to ensure that each run felt fair, each card has its purpose, and there was the right amount of variety to force interesting decisions. We read through more than 17,000 suggestions, bugs, and ideas during development!

0 -> 15 Additional Languages (Community translated!)

189 -> 283 Cards

109 -> 161 Relics

40 -> 52 Events

10 -> 28 Potions

54 -> 64 Enemies

1,300+ issues were fixed

500+ gameplay balance and tweaks were made

500+ UI or VFX were created, modified, or overhauled

50+ SFX were added or modified


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