This awesome edition of Total War: WARHAMMER II



It’s only when one comes breaking through the poverty line that one finds out that he’s missing some small, yet important things in life: like videogame special editions.

Total War: Warhammer I failed to make a lasting impression on me. A lack the basic lore knowledge or interest in the Warhammer universe. I Squinted and distrusted the idea of even faster-paced battles with overpowered hero units and human or humanoid factions didn’t leave enough breathing room for new tactical challenges to arise. Last but not least, by 2015 the Tolkienesque ideas of fantasy already grew tired on me.

The second but not last iteration of the TotalWar: Warhammer franchise came to change all of this. It grossed out at the idea of having similar factions and embraced the madness of assimetrical gameplay. The final results is a big mess that has you facing tactical and strategic challenges you never faced before. Sure you might have trouble dealing with a german tiger, but how the fuck do you take this motherfucker down with a fat toad and some squishy lizzards?

When vacations came around I figured it was time to gave this wild ride a swirl and snatched up this metallic beauty. Check it out.

The engraving looks and feels great. Each of the 4 starting races represented in style.
The entire packaging give you 4 discs, steam key, metal case, case stand, exclusive stickers and strategic guid and apparently you can also get a figurine.
Insider’s Guide outside.
Insider’s Guide Inside
Insider’s Guide Insides-2

Overall this is a really great and special packing. Special Edition done right. Not a lot of over the top expensive crap you can’t find a place to fit. Just a cool metal case and a good looking strategy guide.



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