Diesel Railcar Simulator arrives at Steam Early Access station

Diesel Railcar Simulator has made it right in time into Steam early access station this month and things are looking good so far for this friendly looking and adorable sim’em’up

While the game as been in developlement for a couple of years now, and it was available at the itch.io website ever since. But now, the dev has decided to take it into Steam’s early access for the duration of one year because:

“It’s time to get feedback from a larger crowd of players, be they experienced or beginning trainsimmers, to get the details right and see if the base concept and features could be turned into a new serious contender on the trainsim market.”

So far the game is already packed full with content, with 5 diesel railcars, 2 routes that total over 150 miles and an impressive simulation of the various train parts such as the engies, the fluid couplings, gearboxes, torque converters, axle boxes, bogie frames, planks and bolsers. All of which are individually simulated.

For the future the games plans to add more and new features such as trains and more detailed physics and graphics. I’m still not, and probably will never be a train enthusiast enough to appreciate these kind of games but the prospect of Steam Workshop support with route and train editors really triggers my attention.

Having played it for a couple of hours a couple of months ago, I found DRCS really interesing, extremely friendly to get into (with it’s simple up and down arrow controls, even tho you can opt for the more simulationish way) somewhat pleasant to look at, there’s just something cathartic about those woobly train physics I guess.

After spending the last 9 months going out and about in trains Every! Single! Damn! Week! I though that trains would be the last thing I would find relaxing. I guess my problem is not travelling in diesel railcars from the 1960’s in idyllic british countryside.


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