Strategy and Wargaming News – 21st November – WDS Purchases John Tiller Software, WDS Launches New Game, SGS Heia Safari

Happy Sunday, everybody! Wow, why so cheery today, you ask? Well, that’s because my Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive review absolutely exploded! Not only has it become my most read review ever, but also ranks as the top article on the website, ever. Goes to show that at least, more than a couple of thousand have some interest in the said title and I’m absolutely stoked for the devs. My weekly news dividend and due, so here we go.

Upcoming D.Ezra Sidran Interview

I’ve been fortunate enough to get around to interviewing D. Ezra Sidran, the mind behind General Staff. A world-renowned computer scientist, US military contractor, DARPA-funded researcher, and University professor. I’m just putting the article together and it’s going to be out next Friday, so stay tuned and don’t forget to check it out. Also, if you’re a developer, worked in the professional wargaming or simulation industry, contact me. I would love to feature more interviews on the website, it’s a great way to explore lesser-known aspects of the hobby.

Wargame Design Studio Purchased John Tiller Software

It was announced on the 19th of November that the folk behind Wargame Design Studio had purchased all the assets of John Tiller Software, including its entire game catalog, source code, and the John Tiller and John Tiller Software name. According to the website, the deal was finalized in September of 2021. Now, Wargame Design Studios is planning on continuing to build on one of wargaming’s most recognizable names.

Prior sites of and will start redirecting to the recently released The website is much cleaner, easier to navigate, and, if everything goes according to Wargame Studio plans, much easier for strategy gamers to leave the website a few dollars lighter.

Wargame Design Studio Refreshes Catalog, Launches New Title

WDS not only bought the entire catalog but it’s already pumping out some stuff of their own, by releasing Forgotten Campaigns. The new game includes 115 scenarios, a master map with an astounding 293.550 hexes, detailed orders of battle for both the Union and Confederate forces. It’s available on the new website for $39,95 or your regional equivalent

With the aforementioned acquisition, the games under the label of JTS will now be branded as WDS titles. This move not only changes the name but the games themselves, as the change comes with a wide array of improvements to already existing titles. Here’s what’s new:

  • American Civil War – significant new code enhancements introduced with Forgotten Campaigns and included in all existing fourteen titles. New 2D & 3D hi-res graphics sets. Newly revised and improved documentation
  • Early American Wars – New 2D & 3D hi-res graphics sets.
  • First World War Campaigns – additional content updates for all three titles
  • Modern Campaigns – new code enhancements and the hi-res graphics engine introduced with Panzer Campaigns Scheldt ’44 is implemented in all five titles.
  • Musket & Pike – new code enhancements in both released titles. New 2D & 3D hi-res graphics sets.
  • Napoleonic’s – significant new code enhancements as introduced with Campaign Waterloo 1.09 and now included in all fifteen titles. New 2D & 3D hi-res graphics sets. Many of the enhancements to this series have been ported across from the previous WDS work on the Civil War Battles series.
  • Naval Campaigns – significant new code enhancements including weather, damage and other items needed for both current and planned titles. All five released titles have been upgraded.
  • Panzer Battles – significant new code enhancements including replacements, weather, artillery resolution and optional alternative assault resolution that were slated for the next titles in the series. All three released titles and the Demo have been upgraded
  • Panzer Campaigns – significant new code enhancements including changes to alternate assault resolution, corps attachment and addition of forts. All titles have implemented the hi-res graphics engine introduced with Panzer Campaigns Scheldt ’44. Newly revised and improved documentation.
  • Strategic War – new code enhancements and new hi-res graphics set for both released titles.

If you own any of the John Tiller Software games you should go over to their website and download the latest 4.0 update for each game.

The Strategy Game Studio SGS Heia Safari Launch Date

The folk working with Avalon Digital, Strategy Game StudioZ are releasing the newest entry on their franchise this coming week, on the 25th of November. Heia Safari traces back to what is now, a footnote in World War 1 History- The African campaign. The player can lead the german commander Von Lettow and his Askaris against the Entente. Or play with the latter, commanding the troops of British, Belgium, and Portugal. I’ve received a review key for it so I’ll see if I can put out a review, mainly because Portugal is here, and Portugal doesn’t feature in a lot of games. To me, that is already a 4-star rating and a Strategy and Wargaming Seal of Approval.

Decisive Campaigns and Combat Mission Cold War Out Now

Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive is now out on Matrix and Slitherine, having received absolutely astounding feedback by every single wargamer review out there, meaning that it’s me and probably some other disgruntled writer that got tired of watching the hobby best writers be replaced by uninspired hacks and clickbaity content with little to no value. Also, Combat Mission Cold War made its way into the wildlands of Steam. Its base price shows have €49,99 for me, but if you already own other games on the Combat Mission Collection bundle enjoy the 20% discount, and the game goes down to €39,99. Weirdly enough, the game costs a full 60 bucks on the Battlefront website.

MicroProse Announces Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks

Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks is a new entry in the revived MicroProse line-up, the game tracks the beaten path of other tycoon games, but instead of building zoos and rollercoasters, players will build hulking machines of death (no, not rollercoasters), starting in World War I and going all the way to the modern era. As Head of a military contractor company, you’ll research new technologies, design new tanks, build up your factory grounds, secure supply chains, and resources and manage a team of motivated psychopaths. What’s cool is that outside the managing aspect of exponentially increasing the death toll all around the world as your profits mount, players will be able to watch their death-on-tracks in battle. The demo is already available for the proactive amongst yourselves.

Digital Combat Simulator Autumn Sale

There’s no need to dread explaining to your loved one that those 800 quid set apart for a nice vacation all went missing when you accidentally stumbled into the DCS Shop and bought an AH-64D expansion, a Mosquito FB VI, the Normandy 1944 Map, and around 20 campaign packs. Now you’ll only have to explain why there are 600 dollars missing because their shop is on sale until the 6th of December.


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