Europa Universalis IV Is Free To Keep

A recent study showed that only 5 people in the entire world don’t already own Europa Universalis IV. Arguably, the game that catapulted Paradox Interactive into the main stage of game developing and into the hearts of Grand Strategy lovers everywhere. A universe on it’s own, Europa Universalis IV has been ever expanding since the day it released, with multiple DLCs adding so much content that those stuck with the base game will find themselves facing a very different experience when compared to those who own all the DLC.

So, if you never had the chance to grab Paradox’s classic for very cheap before, it doesn’t get any cheaper than this. Or if you have a passing interest but have always been put off by the never ending list of DLC here’s a risk free option to give a whirl and see what you think about it before having to invest hundreds of dollars.

Europa Universalis IV is available for free here, at the Epic Games Store.


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