Strategy and Wargaming News – 11th July – Panzer Corps 2, Burden of Command, War on the Sea

The usual spike in views, every Friday, is a stark reminder of my ineptitude to keep up a decent upload schedule and my inability to plan and write ahead of time. Fear not, for Strategy and Wargaming News are here to save what’s left of this lovely, sunny Sunday.

Unfortunately, not a lot has been going out, even less so in our hobby. Summer is still- appropriately- the dry season of gaming news all around.

Panzer Corps 2 Pacific announced and Axis Operations 1942 released

The original Panzer Corps has turned 10! Congratulations! A decade has passed and this worthy successor to Panzer General has sold more than one million copies and, with the recent release of Panzer Corps 2, the franchise is still going strong.

The first game might have been richly decorated with more than 700 units and nearly 400 scenarios but it never went to the Pacific Theatre. PC2 is going to change that. Panzer Corps 2 Pacific is the first installment in a new series of campaigns which will portray the dramatic events of the Pacific War. Army Generals can expect new terrain graphics, new game rules and a new major faction.

Just this past week, the Axis Operations 1942 DLC has launched with 17 new scenarios, from Rzhev to Stalingrad and, for the first time, an Axis Operations campaign will have multiple endings.

The entire franchise is on sale until July 15th but, if you’re strapped for cash, I can wholeheartedly recommend the first Panzer Corps, going for the ridiculously cheap price of 4,99€ or your regional equivalent. It’s one of the best wargaming deals ever.

Burden of Command

The respect Green Tree Games LLC have for their subject matter cannot be overstated with their small but lovely snippets of game and how it all relates to a meta-narrative the developers wish to portray across the monumental conflict that was World War 2. And whilst jokes about it’s never ending development are rife within the community, one only needs to take a small peak into Burden of Command Steam Page to understanding why things are taking so long.

These small details of day to day life can have a large influence on a team’s perspective of their superiors. Decisions are taken at every step of the way, not only in the heat of battle. In fact, one can strongly argue that it’s in the small things- as allowing your soldiers to drink, or not to- that relationships of camaraderie are forged and destroyed.

Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector review coming

Pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Finally, the keys for my dreadnought have arrived, so you’ll be able to find me spray-painting the soil of Baal Secundus with tyranid brain matter and all other disgusting organic tissues.

War on the Sea – More features!

Killerfish Games are hard at work, pumping out feature after feature with every update. Last week, the tutorials and manual were updated and now, with version 1.08 here’s what’s available to Admirals.

1) Time Compression Availability
Time compression can now be used during ship gunfire, dramatically increasing its availability.

2) Map Tools
– Ruler (Right Shift + Drag) for campaign and tactical maps showing distance and bearing between points.
– Markers (P) to annotate the campaign strategic map.

3) Fighter CAP
Aircraft without a payload can now use auto scouting to fly a continuous patrol over their task force.

4) Additional Ship Model Improvements

5) Task Force Jumping/Teleportation Solved
The problem some users experienced with task forces jumping/teleporting to new positions on the strategic map has been solved.

Here’s the link to War on the Sea.

Transport Fever 2 – Summer Update

One day… One day I’ll slot in Transport Fever 2 into my schedule. One day.


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