100 Amazing Steam Summer Sale Recommendations


Frozen Synapse – 1,19 € – It’s been a long while since Frozen Synapse was in the limelight. Imagine the planning phases of early Rainbow Six games but turn-based where the enemy and the player set out their moves before hand and watch them being executed simultaneous. It’s good.

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol Bundle – 1,74 € – Turn-based aerial battles with a persistent campaign. Very simple (it was a mobile game before being ported to PC) but still very good for a couple of day.

Hard West – 2,99 € – Supernatural cowboys meet XCOM

Chroma Squad – 3,12 € – Do you love Power Rangers? Does the idea of playing a tactical turn-based RPG with Power Rangers gets you in the mood? Well, go get Chroma Squad.

X-COM: Complete Pack – 3,74 € – If interested in delving into the history of X-Com, the complete pack might not be a bad deal. If interested in only playing the first game them OpenXcom is a free, better alternative.


Darkest Dungeon – 4,59 € – The pioneer of the PTSD-RPG genre, Early Access sweatheart and one of the best RPGs ever made, Darkest Dungeon will take you exploring the darkest corners of the deepest caves. Sending other human beings deeper and deeper into the wells of madness as the venture forth, hopeless and scared against the ancient creatures of aeons past. All while trying to unravel what happened that lead your family estate into ruin. The striking ashestetic, the unusal characther classes, the punishing combat, the management aspect and the idea that your heroes are nothing more than frail-minded humans that can, in one second. deliver a critical strike that wins the day and, in the next dungeon run they can encounter a short near-death experience that will send them down into an unsavoury mental breakdown. This focus on the mental health of your characters and the real impact it has on gameplay help carry on the idea that madness and death play along, hand in hand, in the Darkest of Dungeons.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown The Complete Edition– 4,99 € – The remake of the early 90’s turn-based darling. It alone reinvigorated the turn-based-strategy genre by streamlining the managements aspects of the meta-narrative and base-building and by making tactical battles more concise, less grindy and less frustrating than it’s predecessor. Enemy Unknown can be directly credited as the game that brought an obscure genre into the spotlight. Buy this one before getting the second.

Invisible, Inc. – 4,99 € – X-COM but with spies. Instead of breaking in, shotgun in hand doing some wild alien mopping action, Invisible Inc. forces more careful approach before resorting to extreme levels of violent. Go in unnoticed, leave there unseen.

Banner Saga – 4,99 € – One of the original quick starter darlings, The Banner Saga series leads the player into a harsh, Nordic inspired world. A three part epic saga where conversation plays the same level of importance as the tactical turn-based combat that takes place on a grid. The game was received to massive critical acclaim and still holds up as a gorgeous looking, emotionally heavy experience.

Xenonauts – 5,74 € – 70’s and 80’s X-COM. Xenonauts came out after the original remake of X-COM and it tried to bring back the original formula to mixed reception. Applauded from bringing back the most hardcore aspects of the first XCOM (really detailed tactical battles) , it is also plagues by many of it’s shortcoming (like tactical battles being complete, unsatisfying meat grinders), failing to captive a wider audience.


Into the Breach – 7,49 € – Watch the trailer! One of the greatest turn-based games ever made. I’ve finished it’s campaign with nearly all available squads. What a fantastic experience.

BATTLETECH – 9,99 € – Who doesn’t love mechs? Big, hunky metallic machines armed to the gonads with all sort of destructive capabilities. A good campaign, a turn-based battle system and limitless amount of customization are the thickest part of this mech’s armour.

XCOM: Chimera Squad – 9,99 € “Overall this intergalactic Rainbow Six Siege stands as a valuable addition to the X-COM franchise that I wholehearted recommend, a great value per credits proposition”.

Cultist Simulator – 11,39 € – I’m the ultimate sucker for H.P. Lovecraft so the idea that I could “Seize forbidden treasures. Summon alien gods. Feed on your disciples” hooked me up immediately. Cultist Simulator is a verb/card based game. You draw cards, you put them into verbs (which are basically actions) and then you get something in result. The gameplay involves a lot of trial and error and perish you a lot will. Along the way the player will unravel lost books and discover hidden secrets, murder and plot their way to whatever they wish to achieve. A game that requires reading, imagination and a real enjoyment of Lovecraftian lore.

XCOM 2 – 12,49 € – It’s the same as the first but the aliens have won the war and now it’s up to you, commander, to gather and train a rag-tag bunch of resistance fighters and re-capture earth. Nem weapons, new classes, new skills, the mechanics (ambush) and new enemies breath fresh life into the XCOM formula. If you haven’t played the first, for the price to content ratio the Enemy Unknown The Complete Edition is actually a better deal so go with that.


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