Strategy and Wargaming News – 12th of June – Gates of Hell, Terra Nil, City of Gangsters

Fridays are for almost being back on schedule and publishing weekly news on a timely manner. The last couple of days have been rife with E3 excitement, meaning that Strategy and Wargamey games will be completely overlooked until all is over. Still, I managed to snag a couple of interesting headlines.

Gates of Hell Released

After all this time, the spiritual successor to Men of War, Gates of Hell is finally here.Having played it for a couple of hours I must say: I was not impressed. Let’s get some things straight, the game looks and plays fantastic, this is a me thing, The ability to aim and snipe enemies at a distance is just too good for me not to use and abuse it. While in theory that’s supposed to be a good thing, micromanaging to that degree just makes the game a chore. Anyway, I’m glad it exists because Assault Squad 2 is dead and buried by now, same with the Men of War franchise, with their most recent Cold War effort tumbling faster than the USSR. I’ll give a whirl sometime in the near future. It’s a good year for Eastern Front pundits.

Rebuilding Earth with Terra Nil

This game is a classic from, these are some fantastic news! Terra Nil follows in the vein of games such as Islanders, one of the best rated games on Steam. To be published by Devolver Digital, Terra Nil is sure to achieve it’s full potential. The game already looks fantastic with the artstyle being cheery and colourful. The Terra Nil prototype is still available on and even that was a pixel delight. Oh, and it’s free if you want to give it a spin; sometimes it’s good to rebuild the earth instead of destroying it.

Door Kickers 2 Major Breacher Update

Why kick doors in Door Kickers 2 when you have a semi-auto M1014s available to everyone in the squad? Why carry only 4 grenades when you can carry 7? Why risk getting fired-upon when you can use the “Suppress Area” ability of your support? Why go around fences when the Thermal Torch is now available and it will allow those handy rangers to quickly cut through padlocks and metal fences? Why play the same maps over and over again when there’s the possibility of downloading new ones from the Workshop and two new official were added?

City of Gangsters Playable Next Week on Steam Games Festival

After the steaming pile of gangster crap that was Empire of Sin, bootleggers, racketeers and whiskey peddlers dreams of leading a criminal enterprise lie solely on the efforts of Somasim, developers of the fantastic Project Highrise. City of Gangsters is shaping up to be everything Empire of Sin could not – the jury awaits as it’s going on trial next week, when it’s demo goes live on the Steam Games Festival, running from 16th of June to the 22nd.

Metal Slug Tactics

Yes, please.

Valor&Victory Release Date

Valor&Victory is coming out on the 17th of June, 2021.


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