Strategy and Wargaming News- 26th March- War in the East 2, Warplan, New WW1 FPS, Humankind Delayed, Primaris Space Marines and more

The week has gone by tremendously fast since we last met, my dearest visitor. Every time you arrive at this intimate Inn your humble Innkeeper will pet a kitten and, if you are an avid follower, he will snuggle a stray dog. Sometimes, doing both simultaneously. Enough of this. Come in! Come in! Spring is here but It’s cold out there. Welcome once more to your favourite friday e-destination, where the most engrossing and enthralling news are compiled into a single tome, your own manual into Strategy and Wargaming.

War In The East 2 is out now

Speaking about manuals, is anyone truly surprised about the behemoth, the leviathan, the colossus that is this game manual? 520 Pages long, and no. That zero is not there by mistake. The folk at 2by3 Games are contending for game of the year and also, for the literary nobel prize. Someone should call the Guiness Book of World Records to rank this amongst the biggest manuals ever produced. This is absolutely fantastic and only goes to show how much work and effort was squeezed into this Epic. What the Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan are to WW2 movies, War In The East 2 is for videogames. The fine folks at Slitherine were nice enough to give me a press key so I’ll post some thoughts on it as soon as I get the opportunity.

War In The East 2 is out now and will set you back €64.79 or your regional equivalent.

WarPlan Pacific is coming out on April 29th

WarPlan Pacific is, as you might have already figured it out by now, the next game from the developers of WarPlan (Europe), a game that gathered a positive reception but ultimately failed to impress a lot of wargamers in the wild, with other operational options such as Strategic Command WWII: World at War, The Operational Art of War, War In The East, Unity of Command Series amongst many other.

The Pacific theatre, despite having the largest ocean on Earth, is actually quite dry when it comes to throwing down the island-hopping gauntlet. Still, from what I could gather by watching the videos it seems that the developer is using much of the same mechanics while revamping some bits and bobs here and there and I’m not sure if that is going to be enough to impress Pacific War afficionados all around the globe. We shall see and hope for a fantastic entry. The game is coming out on the 29th of April. The price point is yet to be announced.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is getting a new DLC called Aiko´s Choice 

Despite what the name of this DLC might imply, Aiko is not going to be alone while sneaking, stabbing and murdering her way throught the 6 new missions that this standalone entry to Shadow Tactics is bringing to the chabudai (that’s a japanese table, I googled it). Instead, she is rejoining her old pals from the original 2016 classic. If there’s anything I learned from playing both Shadow Tactics and Desperados 3 is that Mimimi Games are masters at their craft and that they have perfected the Stealth-Strategy genre, reviving a bracket in gaming that had long perished.

There is no available release date, tho the game is set to launch late 2021. No prices are available right now.

Humankind delayed, releasing August 17th

If you had told the 8 year old me playing Sega Saturn that SEGA was going to be one of the biggest Strategy games publisher in the world a couple of decades down the line I would have ignored you and kept on playing Robopit or Virtua Fighter; or Virtua Cop. Can’t forget about Virtua Cop. That’s because my small brain couldn’t even use a computer, much less play games on them.

Fast forward 20 years and SEGA is going toe-to-toe with Firaxis on their home turf, by throwing some shade at the Civilization series with their own, 4X -hopefully- to be marvel, Humankind. The game is looking good by comparison to Civilization VI who, in all honesty, is a pretty crappy, cartoony and boring game all across the board, with the series hitting it’s peak with IV and everything just went downhill from there. Anyways, the devs at Humankind are now taking all the feedback with them into their development caves and improving upon the game systems. The game is due to be released the 17th of August.

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector- Primaris Space Marines

Long before the advent of the internet I considered myself a wacky person with a wild imagination, even in the most mundane of scenarios. But that all changed upon my first contact with Warhammer. Now, I’m no expert in the matter, having only played some of the videogames but there’s something about the universe that regularly leads me to endless wiki reads and dozens of hours lost into the Void.

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector is going to be one of the first videogames to include the Primaris Space Marines, new breed of the Adeptus Astartes, genetically-engineered super warriors and defenders of the Imperium. They have been developed in secret by Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl, on Mars, on order of Primarch Roboute Guilliman. They are bigger, more resilient, more powerful and are faster compared to the original Astartes.

I’ll be posting more about these fantastic killing machines on an up-and-coming article, coming out next week.

WW1 Isonzo- Italian Front announced

Imagine having the nerve to call your game Isonzo and getting nearly 200.000 views in just two days on Youtube.

That’s what the boys at Blackmill Games and M2H have done. While they might never win a prestigious marketing award, from the look of this trailer, they are giving Battlefield 1 and EA Games a run for their money in the World War department. These are the same people behind the incredible Verdun (it was fun while it lasted) and the respectable Tannenberg (RIP). There’s not a lot to be said about Isonzo other than that trailer looks really, really fun but I’ll wait until I see how the game pans out. Anyone remember Beyond The Wire? How it was going to slaughter all other tactical shooters with a club embeded with nails? It turns out it’s currently 24 hour peak was just 67 players. Ouch.


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