Strategy and Wargaming News – 5th of March -War in the East 2, Unity of Command, FoG II Medieval DLC and These Wargames Want Beta Testers

Oh! My favourite! Get in! Get in, my dearest reader! It’s really rainy and cold out there! How have you been? A warm mead of your favorite counter-pusher and hex-wrangler news, maybe? Let’s gather around this week fireplace and discuss the lovely headlines from the last days.

War In The East 2 is now available for pre-order

The eastern front wargaming bible, War in the East, is getting an iteration with War in the East 2, that’s now available for pre-order at Slitherine. You know the people working at 2by3 are serious about the quality of their product and the scope of their audience when a 520-page manual is considered a main feature and a selling point. I’ve seen some discussion online regarding either the price of this new game justifies itself with innovative content so here’s what we know. Slitherine boasts about some of the best wargaming AI, more accurately represented maps and movement rules, a new system of combat preparation points that allows for better prepared units and offensives and punishes players that have units engaged every turn. Interestingly enough, WITE 2 is “bringing theater boxes representing other theaters of the war (North Africa, Italy, etc.), and a full set of events including garrison requirements in the TBs along with other events like partisan operations”.

"Gary Grigsby’s War in the East 2 is a complete overhaul and improvement of the original War in the East, with no stone left unturned to provide a more realistic, more historically rich, and more challenging strategy experience.  War in the East 2 comes with a wide array of scenarios ranging from the short tutorial on the Battle for Velikie Luki, to the four month Destruction of Southwest Front, up to the immense full 1941 – 1945 Grand Campaign of the entire Eastern front from Operation Barbarossa to the fall of Berlin.  A total of seven Operational Scenarios and three Full Map Campaigns await you with hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of historical gameplay."

Fields of Glory II: Medieval is looking for beta testers for it’s next DLC

All of you filthy peasants, rugged mercenaries and valiant knights, heed my word! The boys at Byzantine Games call for aid! Beta testers and their invaluable feedback are needed for the upcoming FoG II: Medieval DLC. There are no specifics on what this DLC might bring to the table but if FoG II is anything to go by we can expect more goodies, say: army lists, new battles, new units, a new chronological expansion, all that fine stuff. Bring your spears, shields and mail and apply to your local levy here.

Decise Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive is also looking for beta testers

If swords and lances aren’t your shtick and you fancy lobbing shells and bullets, or maybe you enjoy the sweet ping of M1 Garands and the mechanical threads of Shermans crossing the european lands, I guess it’s your lucky day too, WWII groghead. It seems that the developers of the extremely good Decise Campaigns Series are looking for brave recruits to putting their version of the Ardennes Offensive to the test. Those interested in serving under the “Old Blood and Guts” or Von Rundstedt can apply here.

Surviving Mars is free next week on the Epic Games Store

That’s all there’s to it, really. It had a hard time at launch but like everything Paradox it’s been improving overtime and it’s actually pretty neat now. Not really my thing, Surviving Mars. I prefer my city builders earthbound but hey, if turning a dusty mess of a planet into something habitables sounds like fun free is the best price you’ll ever get.



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