Xenonauts 2 Kickstarter live and…kicking ass!

This is a quick one to notify you that if you wish to toss a couple of bucks at the guys making Xenonauts 2 you can go here and that would be all. They are asking for a couple thousands of dollars more but have since reached their expectations. Hopefully all this extra money will go into some neat stretch goals.

If you don’t know about Xenonauts keep reading.
The first Xenonauts released back in 2014 and is carrying the torch of spiritual successor to the OG alien smashing hit X-COM. It was a competent turn based tactical game with the base management aspect of it. Hard and unforgiving, some fights might give you actual PTSD. The game was free a couple of weeks back maybe you snagged it and don’t remember. If not, just wait another day or two until the steam sales begin and get it. It’s great. Hopefully Xenonauts 2 will come as an improvement by the way they are proudly presenting it. Go have a read!


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