Battlefield V revealed, going back to WW2

After a sushing hint in Twitter a couple of days ago, EA and DICE revealed the next entrance in the long lasting first person shooter series and they’re going back to World War 2.

Battlefield V will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Pc on October 19.

This years novelties include the coming back of co-op play and a new way to customize your very own “Company” of soldiers on how they look, with their perks and weapons.

The campaign will follow the previous Battlefield 1 route and they will take it to places and events rarely seen in other games of the period. The multiplayer equivalent of BF1 will be called Grand Operations and it will span several maps and objectives.

You will be able to control a large array of war machines and every soldier will have a tool box to help with the new fortification system

The panel presenting the game said there will be no premium pass and that you can’t pay to get an unfair advantage.

Here goes the Reveal Trailer. The full stream should also be available if you missed it.




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