Panzer Corps and Insurgency for 1 Dollar?! Humble Bundle War Gamez Bundle

Let’s be honest right from the get go- if you’re going to pay a single buck in Humble Bundle War Gamez to get the proven successor of Panzer General, it’s most notorious son: Panzer Corps which comes bundled together with its kraut smashing sibling “Allied Corps DLC”- you’re a c*nt and should go away.

Assuming you’re not a c*nt and are still here, you can also get the “Iraqi Life Sims” expansion pack named Insurgency for whatever value you wish to pay, but once more, don’t be a c*nt.

If your cunt wallet can handle the burden of paying the extreme amount of 4.25 dollars or about 3.58 euros you can also get the “18 Year Old Life Starter Pack” from the 1940’s “Day of Infamy”, some obscure game called Gloria Victis and something that looks like a a really fun Red Alert in 3D-8 bit, I don’t even know, but I’ve read somewhere it was good.

But if you’re truly rich and amongst the 1% of those how can spend 10 dollars in a wargaming pack then you can also get the 60’s Ho Chin Min favourite shooter “Rising Storm 2: Vietnam”.

If you’re still interested in getting some great games while being a great person, at the time of writing you still have 8 days to do so. Go do it 🙂


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