World of Tanks hits 1.0! Some cool screenshots!

This past week the hunkering metal beasts of World of Tanks got a visual upgrade and the new graphics engine is looking to impress with some extremely well detailed tanks and gorgeous looking environments. Who knew bolts and nuts, sheets of rough steel and iron, oil and mud stains, fire and explosions could be so pretty.

Now, before you start the round, you can, not only stand there for 30 seconds but also looking fabulous while doing it. Just don’t do that for the rest of the round…okay? K, thanks.

Democracy hiding in a bush! Dayum, democracy, you’re fine.

Same goes for the war winning, panzer shrecking T-34. Just splat around the mud with those big, thick tracks thinking you’re an off-road vehicle out of the Motorstrom series. The difference being: you’re looking great while doing it.

Close up of it’s bigger brother. Looking goooood.

The baguette eating nation is as glorious as ever, too!

Oh, the harbinger of democracy once again! Thinking on how to bring liberation to all those mountain peaks.

For real, while WoT is not my cup of tea, it could be yours and if you’re not logged in for awhile you could give it a shot, the base mechanics are pretty much intact, they just got a whole new and impressive coat of paint. You also need not to worry as performance is pretty much the same.


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