Iron Harvest ploughs the seeds of success in rampant Kickstarter campaing

The soon to be real-time-strategy game Iron Harvest launched it’s kickstarter campaign earlier this week and garnered enough attention to fund itself in less than 48 hours, reaching the goal of 450,000$ for the base game and campaigns. At the time of writting the funding already surpassed the 600,000$ mark.

Set in the alternate reality of 1920+, presents itself as a game:

that  asked thousands of RTS fans what they actually want from a modern RTS and came up with a game that favours clever tactics over action, player freedom over scripted set-piece moments and strong singleplayer campaigns over long-term monetization opportunities”.

In a new video featuring gameplay, Iron Harvest appears to mix elements of the excellent Men of War series and the RTS darling of the last decade and a half, Company of Heroes. Featuring base building, a cover system, destructible environments, a focus on a robust singleplayer campaign leads me to think that Iron Harvest tends to lean more on the latter.

The devs are now looking for the community help to fund the Great Campaigns, Ingame cinematics, co-op mode, competitive multiplayer and skirmish and challenge maps.  Most importantly, they also wish to remain independent and focus on an uncompromised version of their idea and need the time to do their job as they should.

While one might not know how this will turn out, one thing I always loved in strategy games is the attention to the small things, and Iron Harvest seems aplenty on that. Mechs animations make them look clunky and heavy. The sound is visceral, violent, loud and weirdly satisfying. Environments crumble as mechs charges through! Heck! There’s even a moment in the kickstarter trailer when a mech charges into another bigger mech, pushing him into a wall and the soldiers flee from it all). Soldier animations also look extremely well done. So far, so good.

We’ll have to see what the devs manage to do with the world and ideas they have laying around. Hopefully this will turn out as good as it seems.

Also, if you’re interested in the game  go and download the press kit, it has some really cool imagery!



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