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Latest News

Unrecorded Killer Looks

Unrecord is a weird inclusion, but I was so impressed I couldn’t let it pass. It’s a game about being a police officer, with a body-cam POV. What’s impressive is how the developers managed to make the game so life-life with stunning visuals. The world is intricately crafted with attention to detail, from textures and landscapes to lighting. Characters and creatures move fluidly and behave believably, everything’s just so well done it’s hard to believe we’re talking about a videogame. Anyway, check the video out.

Raid The Reich In Bomber Command

The venerable Tim Stone, from Tally-Ho Corner recently penned an extremely comprehensive feature on Bomber Command, a World War 2 Bomb’em-like from Silent S Studios (ilent audio?). Expect to be fawning over maps while planning the bombing raids of the Reich. Hopefully I’ll be getting some time with it during this weekend.

Fire and Maneuver Expansion: Boshin War

Fire and Maneuver Expansion: Boshin War is an exciting new expansion for the popular game Fire and Maneuver. Developed by the team behind The Armchair Historian. This expansion takes players back to 19th-century Japan, during the Boshin War.

In this expansion, players can take on the role of either the Imperial Japanese Army or the Shogunate’s forces. Players will have to use strategy and tactics to outsmart their opponents and emerge victorious in this historic conflict. It comes with two expansions: The Boshin War and The Escalation of Shmonoseki.

The Romans Are Here!

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Return of Rome is a new expansion for the iconic strategy game, Age of Empires II. The expansion includes three new campaigns, featuring the Roman Empire as the playable civilization. There are 17 civilizations, however, from what I understand, this new expansion is going to be a “self-contained experience”, meaning that you won’t be able to play say, the Assyrians versus Spain. The only exception to this is going to be Rome, as Romans will become the latest playable civilization within Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Return of Rome will launch on the 16th of May and cost 15 of your local doubloons.

Give People Their Say With The Latest Victoria 3 DLC

Victoria 3: Voice of the People is an exciting new immersion pack that lets you relive the turbulent political events of the 19th century. With the new Agitator system, you can experience over 60 new historical characters fighting for their beliefs in your nation.

In addition to the Agitator system, the pack features a host of new events, decisions, and journal entries that tell the story of one of the century’s most powerful and pivotal empires, France. From the House of Orleans, through the Second Bonaparte Empire to the Third Republic, the history of France in the time of Victoria 3 is one of tumult and adventure.

The pack also features a new paper map with a new art nouveau-inspired UI and France gets new building art.

The pack will cost 15 buckaroos and launch on the 22nd of May.

Stranded: Alien Dawn – Surviving a Deadly Alien World

Stranded: Alien Dawn is the new planet survival sim game that takes you on an epic and unpredictable journey through a vast and deadly alien world. In this game, you play as the leader of a small group of marooned survivors, and your mission is to keep them alive by making vital decisions to protect them from starvation, disease, and extreme weather conditions. To succeed, you must construct and evolve your own unique base and devise cunning defenses to protect it from alien creatures that roam the world.

In Stranded: Alien Dawn, every playthrough is unique, driven by random story events, alien wildlife threats, and adverse weather. The game’s modular base-building system allows you to design and build your base on an alien world, transforming it from a simple shelter to a high-tech outpost. Protect it with perimeter defenses, decorate it with furnishings, and introduce automated devices such as defensive turrets.

Steam’s user rating is currently sitting at a comfortable 86% “very positive”.

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