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Latest News

Ultimate General: American Revolution Is Being Worked On

It’s alive! A couple of weeks ago GameLabs announced that the Ultimate General: American Revolution website has been updated. I don’t quite remember the difference, but it looks very similar, and still no word on when it might release. Ultimate General: American Revolution is going to be a sandbox wargame that immerses players in the epic historical period of the American Revolutionary War, allowing them to take on the role of either the British or the American Colonists. Battling for territorial control over North America in a gripping real-time campaign, set on a detailed 3D map where they can build their army and navy, construct military infrastructure, and fully command their armies on a regimental level.

The Great War: Western Front Now Available on Steam – A Captivating Real-Time Strategy Game by Petroglyph

The Great War: Western Front, the captivating real-time strategy game by Petroglyph, is now available on Steam! This game challenges your decision-making on every level, from the heat of the moment to the grand schemes that unravel over the course of the campaign.

Everyone can now experience the first world war like never before with turn-based and real-time elements, and footage from the archives of the Imperial War Museums to deepen the experience with historical context and realism. It’s World War 1 done right.

When you arrive at the front, you must choose to lead either The Allied Forces or the Central Powers in gritty battles on a living, persistent battlefield. Laying trenches effectively, timing your charges, and capturing key locations will ensure the best odds of success. Between battles, guide your faction to victory through high-level strategic decisions in the Theatre of War.

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles Look Like A Cool Solo Dev Experiment

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is an innovative 3D open-world builder game that challenges your building skills in the haunting landscapes of The Great Ursee.

Expect an experimental gameplay experience that lets you move among your creations and build as you go. The minimalist UI game encourages exploration rather than control. There is a learning curve, but no mistakes – only happy accidents.

In Bulwark, you can build without a grid or planar restriction, giving you complete creative freedom to build up or down in any way you want. This requires a novel approach to building that focuses on the world itself rather than just clicking over a screen. There’s no release date as of right now.

Shadow Empire: Oceania Will Have You Drowning In A Great Expansion

The much-anticipated release of the latest DLC for Shadow Empire is finally here! Shadow Empire: Oceania brings an entirely new set of challenges and opportunities for players to explore. While the Planet Generation of Shadow Empire has been limited to desert planes Planets, the new DLC allows for the creation of Second Earths and Waterworlds. Has a hater of all that’s dry, this is going to be the perfect opportunity for me to jump into Shadow Empire.

Get ready to set sail and explore the vast and mysterious region of Oceania in this thrilling new DLC for Shadow Empire for 9.99$ or your regional equivalent.

Whiskey & Lemons DLC: The Best American Civil War Video Game Gets RPG-Lite Expansion

Get ready for an exciting new career mode in the best American Civil War video game with the Whiskey & Lemons DLC. This RPG-lite expansion allows you to create your character and take command of a regiment, all while determining your Civil War personality through a questionnaire. You’ll receive orders from AI commanders and, if you prove yourself worthy, get promoted up the ranks until your actions start to have a significant impact on the war’s outcome. There’s no release date.

“Iron Curtain” Update To Add Even More Regiments

A new “Iron Curtain” update is coming in mid-April to Regiments, which will bring five additional Warsaw Pact regiments – including two Polish ones – and a wide range of new equipment to the game. In addition to the new regiments, the “Iron Curtain” update also introduces a thrilling new game mode called Static Defense. This mode is all about defending your territory against powerful enemy attacks and features a special rule allowing allied units to entrench themselves during battle. While infantry platoons will still entrench faster, all allied units will be able to dig in and fight back against the enemy onslaught.

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