Rule The Waves III Announced

This most recent announcement arrived via email, this afternoon, from the mailman at Slitherine and Matrix. The messenger was quick to announce that Matrix Games and Naval Warfare Simulations are partnering to release the upcoming ship design and naval simulation wargame Rule the Waves 3. These are great news, as last December the NWS store was temporarily shut down after the untimely death of its owner, Christopher Dean and buying Rule the Waves 2 and 1 was near – if not aboslutely- impossible. I’m happy to report there’s a bucket load of information and several screenshots for us to speculate about. Here’s the feature list:


  • Campaigns start in either 1890, 1900,1920 or 1935 and can run through 1970.
  • Monthly strategic turns with Battles resolved in a realistic tactical naval battle resolution system.
  • Manage your naval budget, and deal with interfering Kaisers, presidents or navy ministers as well as a variety of historical events including naval treaties.
  • Realistic design of ships ranging from corvettes to battleships and aircraft carriers.
  • Research and technical development will determine ship design and tactics.
  • Espionage will keep you up to date on the progress of competing navies
  • Submarines, airships, aircraft and missiles will all appear and change the naval balance of power.
  • Build, train, maintain and fight with your own ‘ideal’ navy.
  • Construct coastal fortifications, airbases and other defences
  • Play as USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Japan, Spain, Austria-Hungary, or China.

The game will release sometime during the first quarter of 2023 on the Matrix Games store, Steam and “other third-party stores”. Wannabe Digital Admirals can submit their application to beta test Rule the Waves 3 here.


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