The Giveaway Is Officially Over, Check Your Emails

Good night, everyone, and happy New Year. Last December it was announced a Christmas giveaway was taking place and if you participated in it and subscribed to Strategy and Wargaming, then there’s a chance that in your inbox- right now, right this very moment- seating there all by itself, you might find a Steam key from one of the following digital troupers:


Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition

SGS Heia Safari

SGS Operation Hawaii

Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game

Field of Glory II: Medieval

Sudden Strike 4

Battle Academy

Company of Heroes Complete Pack

Stronghold HD + Stronghold Crusader HD

Railway Empire

Radio Commander

Theatre of War Collection

Bomber Crew

Medieval Kingdom Wars

Men of War + Men of War: Red Tide

So yeah, across the following days I’ll be emailing all these keys, randomly distributed across my list of subscribers by using the magic behind Google’s Random Number Generator.

If you managed to snag one of these let me know down below and which one you got! I hope you have fun with it!

*Image is from 9th of January 1915 edition of The Illustrate London News


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