Here’s What’s Going to Happen to Strategy and Wargaming in 2022

There’s no way to create and execute plans without laying up a proper strategy in the first place. First of all, I would like to thank the hundreds of everyday visitors that show up every day even when there’s no new content to peruse. Also, I would like to address my praises to everyone who shared my content and got in touch to let me know how much they’re enjoying it. Last, but by no means least, I’ll forever be indebted to all videogame developer and publishing companies that got in contact and, for free, and most importantly, never expecting anything back, were delightful in gifting me early review keys, exclusive interviews and press materials otherwise I wouldn’t have access to. I made clear, from the moment I decided to create OneHexAway that this was not meant to be a profitable endeavour, so every little thing that takes any strain out of my pocket helps. To all of you, my most sincere thanks.

Last year, I outlined my strategy for-the website- then, OneHexAway- on 4 main pillars – More regular posting; Weekly News Column; History related content; Positivity; Partnerships. It’s fair to say that all but for “History related content” were achieved. If you’re wondering why there wasn’t a lot more historical content on the website, there are two reasons for that.

  • The first one being that nearly all the posts and reviews already contain some sort of light, historical context, because I’m one of those people that when they start playing a game on a setting they’re not used to, will go on long reading sprees about the subjects, an eventually, some of that new knowledge will drip into what I write. This is most obviously observed in Strategy and Wargamings’ reviews.

  • The second is that these kind of articles have extremely limited appeal and will, very quickly, go unoticed. Also, there’s a lot of other great places that do a way better job at covering this type of topics.

Now, let’s get on with what you can expect from Strategy and Wargaming for the next 12 months:

A Strategy and Wargaming magazine- This one has been in the works for a very long time so it’s time to be unveiled. I’m currently working on a Strategy and Wargaming magazine that’s going to be distributed via PDF, for free on the website. The magazine will have a premium look and feel and feature exclusive content. I’m currently working on the first issue, which will be released during the first half of 2022. The magazine will have two editions every year, a summer and a winter one. More about this later on.

More content, more quality- Last year, the output of content increased dramatically- from just 13 posts in 2020 to 85 in 2021, averaging more than a post a week. Starting January 2022, the goal is to average three posts a week, with plans to ramp up content production towards the end of the year. In terms of variety, there’s still a lot to do with the current formats. The weekly, Strategy and Wargaming news will continue with the same periodicity. I’ll be working on “Top lists” and

More developer interviews- It was a pleasant surprise to see how much people loved these. Developer interviews are sure to come in greater numbers and, hopefully, as I accrue more experience, these can also be more in-depth and will pack a much higher quality.

More reviews and previews! – creating and writing reviews is a delicate process with a lot of well-hidden pitfalls. A misplaced word, a badly worded thought or a mechanic ill-understood can cause readers to splurge their hard-earned cash or, on the other side of the spectrum, developers to miss on a sale. Reviews will keep coming steady, but due to the way I enjoy writing them (by going really, really in-depth with the game mechanics), some of the larger and more work-intensive titles might arrive later than expected. Nevertheless, it’s established that, due to the fluctuating nature of games sales, the race for a “launch day” review is a futile effort that does nothing but a disservice to readers and those looking for an information-rich review where that can be used as a way to make an informed purchase.

More positive content- Strategy and Wargaming is my darling project that dates back all the way to 2017 and it’s a place to read about good things. Good video games, good news and good people. In a world so convoluted, it’s easier to point out what’s going wrong but harder to provide a place where people can, even for a moment, slow down, sip a drink and enjoy some laid back reading without being preached to. I’ve always enjoyed my quiet nights reading away and hopefully, you’ll do too.

New writers- This one is a big maybe yes, maybe not- I’m not sure, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be. I’m always very concerned about the tone and quality of the writing on the website and most people writing in these gaming spaces nowadays share views very different from my own in the way games and History should be covered. So let’s see, but it’s not off the table, at least not yet. If you would like to give your shot at writing, please email me and we can talk about it.

Partnerships – This one is very self-explanatory, right? Partnerships with developers and publishers were one of the main reasons Strategy and Wargaming grew so much during 2021, so an expansion is only natural.

This is all I have for you. Stay safe. Merry Christmas, everyone.


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