Strategy and Wargaming News – 7th November – Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive, Company of Heroes 3, Eugen System Teasing New Project

Age of Empires IV Released, Great Reviews

So, the time has finally come and Age of Empires IV is getting its time in the limelight. Criticized by some and praised by others in the same measure for staying on the road Age of Empires II had paved. A sentiment that proves you can’t please everyone, even if you try. What’s undisputed is its resounding commercial success, topping Steam Charts for the second week in the row, with nearly 10.000 user reviews, 85% of which are positive. At the moment it’s the most played game of the series, with more than 60.000 concurrent players. Suffice to say there’s still some fight left in this ol’dog. Age of Empires IV is available on Steam and Microsoft Store for $59,99 or your regional equivalent.

Ogre Kingdoms Annouced For Total War Warhammer III

I’m feeling especially feisty this weekend, so y’all neckbeards and miniature painters out there can finally roleplay as yourself in the up-and-coming Total War: Warhammer III with the Ogre faction. No additional details were announced so far.

Company of Heroes 3 Takes The High Ground

The Mediterranean setting is inspiring Company of Heroes 3 developers to shake up their formula. The first one of this venerable series was mainly focused on the small and intricate movements of the hedgerow-ridden french countryside and zoomed on the Four F’s of infantry combat. The second entry attempted (with varying degrees of success) to replicate the tank on tank engagements and winter dynamics of the eastern front. Now, the setting is divided into two main categories: the arid plains of northern Africa will lend themselves to high-speed flanking maneuvers and mechanized combat. The Italian theatre is characterized by chokepoints, river crossings, and mountainous terrain, more suitable to infantry movement and map control, with the high ground playing a crucial role.

Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Out This Month

There’s absolutely no way I can do justice to the number of changes done by the team behind the last major offensive in the western front, so please go and watch the video but here’s the gist of it: Everything is detail, detail, detail. But here’s a small peek at what’s new:

  • New scale – 1km per hex brings more detail and granularity at the battalion level with the base units being moddelled by squad and single vehicle or gun, so abstraction is considerably lower. It plays at 4 turns per day.
  • Line of Sight – For the first time in the series, Line of Sight makes an entrance with hills and forest completly offuscating the view. This was created to better fit with the new, more tactical scale.
  • Hex Ownership – There’s a difference between assumed hex ownership and true ownership. The only hexes the player definitely controls are the one he has units in.
  • Intercepting Fire – This one is self explanatory and will allow for ambushes and more dynamic encounters
  • Kampfgruppen and Battlegroups – Unit organization is more intricate, allowing players to transfer units, scrapping equipment and forming new battlegroups.

Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive will be out November 18th.

Eugen System Teases New Project: Steel Division 3? New Wargame? Tell me!

The Steel Division series has enjoyed a good, long run and SD2 is as strong as it ever was, with content updates being pumped out regularly and a steady player base. In their most recent “General Update”, the developers at Eugen System annouced that they are working on “something else – something pretty big – has been steadily cooking in Eugen’s kitchen for quite some time now. What, how, where, who… hang in tight, but the day is edging closer that we can reveal it. Fair to say that this secret project has taken a fair bit of our attention as well”. Not sure what’s this all about but personally I’m expecting them to announce a new Wargame or a new Steel Division.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun DLC Release Date Announced

If you don’t know Shadow Tactics then this is probably the right time to learn about it: And all you need to know is that it’s the best stealth strategy game released since Commandos 2. With that in mind, the new DLC, Aiko’s Choice, is scheduled to be released on the 6th of December, celebrating the 5th anniversary of the game.


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