Strategy and Wargaming News – 25th October- Command: Modern Operations, Hearts of Iron IV DLC, War Mongrels

As I struggle to find enough words to pen my impressions on the venerable, but flawed Grand Tactician: The Civil War, the time for a weekly update on what’s going on around the gaming world arrives swift and mercilessly.

Command: Modern Operations New Cold War DLC

The most excellent, and wargamey of wargames Command: Modern Operations is getting a new DLC titled: Command: Red Tide, available on Steam and Matrix Games site.

If the name is anything to go by, NATO and the Warsaw pact nations will be going at each others throats. The drama takes place in northern Europa, when a NATO destroyer and a russian submarine find themselves ready to plunge the world into a new conflict. 12 New scenarios, multi-sided campaign and a multitude of combat situations will be waiting for adventurous admirals.

This DLC is priced at $12,49 or your regional equivalent.

Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back Release Date

Prior to staring in 007 movies or any other action flicks from the 50s to the late 90s as the bad guys, soviet leaders were more concerned in dealing with the Germans and “liberating” Eastern European countries by taking them over. Hearts of Iron IV is bringing the Soviet ambitions to the forefront with a new DLC called No Step Back. Expect a major update and serious overhauls to significant portions of the game.

A new supply system revamps and highlights the importance of having funcional highways and trains, adding another layer of depth to an already complex game. Scorched Earth tactics, floating harbors and new supply units are sure to bring new headaches to overly stretched frontlines. Aspiring tank designers will now have an array of toys to play with with the Tank Designer tools. Finally, we can all be annoyed at the Wehraboos trying to prove us, normal folk, that the Maus wasn’t 200 tons filled to the brim with stupid and really bad ideas.

A new officer corps mechanic is going to have technocrats horny at the prospect of creating and optimizing their officer corps to maximize their competence and weed out the shaft.

Also, new National Focuses for Russia, Poland, Estonia Latvia and Lithuania.

This DLC is going to set you back $19,99 or your regional equivalent.

War Mongrels Out Now

Destructive Creations prior endeavours into the foray of mass shooting innocent civilians and mindless rampage is the perfect pedigree to recreate the nauseating brutality of the Eastern Front (Again? Geez). Their recent entry is named War Mongrels.

Haven’t played a lot during the Steam Fest and can’t say I was immediately snagged into it’s setting, something Shadow Tactics did right out of the gate. Steam reviews aren’t going on a great direction either with players complaining mostly about clumsy controls. Hopefully the developers will address this sooner rather than later. Nevertheless it’s still great to see the setting of the Second World War being spinned into new and interesting directions. Lately, Partisans 1941, Broken Lines and Warsaw took the worn out scene into new and interesting, experimental directions.

War Mongrels is now out in Steam for $32,29, with 15% off for the next 48 hours.

Age of Empires IV Out This Week

Pleasant surprises come when you live with low expectations, and Age of Empires IV. But low expectations and a low civilization count don’t go hand in hand and while I was pleasantly surprised by its technical stress test, I have to fear for it’s meager 8 nations. Of course, each civilization can be played in a myriad of different ways but there’s got to be others like me frowning at the wide audience appeal of some of these civs. 35 Missions will be spread out across 4 campaigns, from the Dark Ages up to the Renaissance.

Anyway, with the Halloween right around the corner, that means I have a long weekend ahead of me to put my theory to the test. The game launches on the 28th of October.

Call to Arms- Gates of Hell: Ostfront

The definition of a perfect 7/10 game, Call to Arms- Gates of Hell: Ostfront is still pumping out content. After a massive update just a couple of months prior, it’s now followed up by more substantial additions. It’s time for the “long awaited new human models with their uniform completely changing per season”. Two new single player missions called Courland and Krasny Bor; New balancing changes for existing multiplayer maps; Five new PVP maps and the arrival of the lend lease doctrine alongside many other vehicles such as the Soviet ISU-122S, BM-31-12, Lend-lease Universal carrier, Lend-lease MMG carrier, Lend-lease M3A1E1 Scout car, Lend-lease M3A1E3 Scout car transport, Lend-lease Valentine II, Lend-lease Valentine VII, Lend-lease Valentine IX, Lend-lease Churchill III.

You can read the whole thing here if interest arises. In the meantime, Digitalmindsoft is running a sale for both Call to Arms and Ostfront, with the full bundle of content costing $31,96.

Another Total War: Warhammer III Video


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