Total War: ROME REMASTERED Gameplay revealed

What else is there to say about this? This bombshell announcement came out of nowhere and it’s releasing a month from now, on the 29th of April, 2021.

16 Years after the release of the original TW: Rome, Creative Assembly is going back and updating the game that can truly rise proud and might alongside many others atop the pedestal of Best Games of All Time.

The game is getting a visual sugarcoating with remodelled and retextured units, buildings and objects, they’re also adding new environment effects and a new high-resolution map. The camera system is getting some love, with extra levels of zoom and map rotation. Units in battle will feature range markers.

The playable factions go up from the original 22 to 38, including the original 16 locked factions from the original game. A new kind of agent has also been added, these Merchants will go out into the world to create trade links, access resources and assert your economic power.

Here’s some really cool gameplay from youtuber Simpzy Total War and some screenshots.


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