Strategy and Wargaming News- 19th March- Age of Empires 4, Panzer Corps 2 DLC, Rogue State Revolution, EU4 Subscription Service

Oh, Hello! Don’t be scared to come in, you’ve been slogging and grinding all week! It’s okay to relax and take a seat. Spring is nearly here and the summer just over there. The dinner is almost done and ready to be dished out. Here, we treat news like fine wine, they might not be the newest, but they sure are carefully curated, because at Strategy and Wargaming we know you. And you don’t want to wander aimlessly forever reading about patches and even more top tens. We comb the trash, read the press-releases, search on the endless void of Steam and other platforms for worthy news. Trust me, I am but your humble paperboy and owner of this small Inn, completely dedicated to our fiery Strategy devotees and the most noble of Wargaming doyens.

Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations 1941 is out now

It feels like there’s always one of these, right? Empty street, quiet night, turn the corner and some shady individual is there, shadows dancing in the moonlight, he slowly approches you and asks: “Hey, pst! Pst! Come here!” You, slightly bent over over the man, he tells you with a harsh, worn out voice “You wanna invade the Soviet Union?”. Startled, you wake up in a cold sweat, your wife, peacefully conforts you. You fall asleep again. The next morning you after an uneasy breakfast, you check and there it is: ” “Out Now! Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations 1941”, with a blank stare you understand the premonition, the true message of last night’s nightmare, it has always been a time loop, and you’re forever doomed to Invade the Russian Motherland, over and over and over.

Age of Empires IV details coming next month

This might sound suspiciously silly but, as an impressionable kid, brutally in-loved with medieval warfare, Age of Empires II inability to place units atop the walls always antagonised my infant sensitivities. It took two decades and the mastercraftsmen at Relic Entertainment to right such inexcusable flaw. Nine year old me would be so happy.

Microsoft just released a “Tune In Trailer” at their website, maliciously teasing everybody about their upcoming Age of Empires entry, with promises of relieving old, sweet memories but, digging out deep insecurities and trust issues that arose from the fear that we might never see another Age of Empires again since the third was launched. It seems those were unfounded, we were all wrong. In the blog post one reads: “Whilst we don’t want to spoil everything we have in store, we know that you’ve been eager for more glimpses of Age of Empires IV since the first trailer at X019. Our broadcast will include a new look at gameplay, civilizations, campaigns, and more for you to enjoy! We will also be sharing some exciting news for our Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition and Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition players, as well.”

Europa Universalis IV now has a subscription based service

Time anomalies seem to be this weekly news raison d’être. Now Europa Universalis IV has all the DLC available for five moneys a month. I remember reading about this a couple of months, maybe years back but never gave it much thought. All things considered, that is 250 euros or your regional equivalent, unless you managed to snag some super cheap bundle with all the DLC in the past, five bucks every month is not a bad deal. With the 250 initial investment, newcomers could buy 4 years and 4 months of Europa Universalis, with all things included. Just have in mind that you need to own the base game in order to get the subscription, which is pretty stupid. Of course, some internet simpletons are already upset at the idea that other people can enjoy different payment options instead of spending one quarter of their monthly income in a videogame. Imagine that.

Rogue State Revolution is out now

Shady ministers, a country in turmoil, weapons of mass destruction, toxic international relations, under developed infrastructures and a failing economy. What can go wrong? You’ll have to wait and find out because I’ve been given a press copy of Rogue State Revolution and hopefully, next week, I’ll scrape out the time to pump a review out.

You can play the free demo of WW2: Bunker Simulator

Simulator games are a dime a dozen these days. Everything can be turned into a simulator, from driving trucks, building houses (and even stealing them!), historically recreating tanks, farming, whatever your heart desires. It’s seems like videogames manage to make the most mundane of tasks rather compelling. Being inside a concrete abnormality in Normandy during the Second World War doesn’t strike me as particulary interesting or challenging. But if being inside a building solely created to keep you alive and make sure that everybody else outside can be killed is your thing then you’ll be happy to hear that you can demo that fantasy right now.

Can this even be considered a strategy game? I’m going to fight you over that.


2 thoughts on “Strategy and Wargaming News- 19th March- Age of Empires 4, Panzer Corps 2 DLC, Rogue State Revolution, EU4 Subscription Service

  1. WW2 bunker…. I don’t know if I’ll be into it. I still don’t know what AoE 4 is, what time period? which factions?


    1. Hello, Mark. Sorry for the late reply but Age of Empires is an “old” franchise. The first game focus on the early civs like Egypt and the Romans, the second one is more medieval to early modern. And the third one is clearly musket era. Thanks for your comment. Keep coming, this year is going to be great for wargames 🙂


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