The most anticipated Civ has just been announced for Civilization VI

Hoist the sails! On deck, you dirty landluvers! Civilization VI has stopped giving wide berth to nautical civilizations! Batten down the hatches and man the stations! After five years down in the doldrums, with no wind to sail, Portugal has finally arrived!

This once powerful nation was the first to trully establish a global empire, spanning the whole globe, from southern Americas, all down the coast of Africa to the the East Indies: Portugal.

If the developers are anything to go by, then Portugal is one of the most requested and antecipated Civs for the game. A most absurd omission since the game’s release in 2016, even more egregious when comparing to other, smaller, less impactufl and whose influence across Time and major World events has been rather questionable.

Portugal is going to be a sea-faring nation, whose going to take advange of newly reworked maritime and exploration mechanics. Attached to this New Frontier DLC are two new Wonders: Torre de Belém will generate Great Admiral Points and it’s going to generate extra gold for every luxury resource at the destination of international trade routes. It’s also going to give Portugal players a free building in another continent.

The other wonder is the tower of Ziggurat that’s going to grant Science, bonus Science and Production to all foodplains in it’s home city, and marsh tiles inside the civ’s boundaries.

In an unseen move, they’re adding a zombie mode. That’s exactly what it sounds like minus the fact that you can create a project that takes control over these undeads and redirect them at your opponents.

A more detailed discussion about the featured of Portugal is going to take place on a later date.


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