You should really subscribe to this Veterans youtube channel

Usually you can find me pouring over History books and magazines, inspecting battle maps and recreating whatever seems interesting at the time in videogame format. The thing about most History books is that, due to their very academic nature, fall short of humane and emotional experiences. Even reading and studying historical sources can feel somewhat disconnected from the real thing and, adding to that, that most people don’t have the necessary knowledge or time to properly interpret them and specialize in the subject matter.

While all this has undeniable value for history pundits, sometimes it just feels right to the real deal. The fine folk at the American Veterans Center are doing an extraordinary and invaluable work by perpetuating on camera some of the stories of American War Veterans. They have dozens of excellent videos and full-lenght interviews.

Frank Devita delievers a particulary heartbreaking story about his day at Omaha Beach. Check out more outstanding interviews here.

“The guy 2 feet away from me, a machine gun blew his helmet and a part of his brain. He was crying: Help me! Help me! He was just a little boy. I couldn’t do anything to help him”

I know this kind of content is somewhat off of what I usually write, so let me know if you wish to see more recomendations about this kind of subjects.


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