A Total War Saga: Troy gets an official announcement

In a move that surprise absolutely none Creative Assembly has officially announced their latest entries to the Saga series of Total War games, Troy.

For those of you unaware, Saga games in the Total War Franchise want to be small scale spin-off experiences based on their large scale titles. Napoleon derives from Empire, Thrones of Britannia gets its basis from Attila and now Troy seems to bring ideas from both Three Kingdoms and Rome together by trowing Myth and History into this Homerean mixer.

The game will span regions around the Aegean sea with over 230 provinces. Gods and mythical creatures will also make an appearance but not in a way one would expect. Disapointingly there won’t be actual minotaurs running around and cleaving soldiers in half. Just men in weird outfits. And Centaurs will be just regular horseman, a novelty for the period. Gods, in turn, won’t be around the battlefield unleashing their wrath, instead being replaced by boring bonus and buffs. CA aims to be has historically grounded as possible which, in my honest opinion after playing and loving Warhammer comes as a huge disappointment.

Homer’s Illiad is rich with legends, Gods, larger than life characthers and stories. In order to replicate this, the folks in charge are turning to Three Kingdoms for some inspiration in finding ways to adress the complex relationships withing the Agean.

Here’s hoping that for the first time in the franchise’s history the sieges will pack more depth to them. I can’t imagine CA thinking it is acceptable to take control of the mighty city of Troy by clicking “auto-resolve” and raze it to the ground.

A Total War Saga: Troy will release somewhere in 2020. No precise date has been announced yet.


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