Some of my favorite screenshots! (Part 1)

My favorite up first! This one was actually featured by Tim Stone at last year’s The Flare Path Summer Exhibition. I think it took about 3 or 4 hours to set up the entire scene where a group of paratroopers are riding on the back of sherman tanks arriving at a small town in Normandy a few days after the invasion. I was trying to do something around the idea of a diorama. Tim described it has:

Uncle George likes screen captures that resent captivity. He described this powerful Iron Front submission from Nuno Marques as “impatient” and “eager to get going”. The palpable sway of the trundling Sherman… the paratroopers peering ahead at some hint of a real or imagined threat… yes, I think I understand what he was getting at.

Paratroopers on a Sherman Tank “Diorama”- ArmA 3

In case you are interested in knowing more about the rest of the “diorama” I created you can check out my gallery for more pictures.

Naboo Starfighter- Star Wars BattleFront 2

There was always something about these sleek patrol craft used by the Royal Naboo Security Forces. The speed inducing design, the chromium finish on the front that gave it a glinty look contrasts perfectly with it’s glossy yellow on the back side of the craft. While the latest Star Wars Battlefront is not exactly the game with the best public image, it sure as hell is one of the prettiest out there.


Flander’s Fields- Rise of Flight

There are better pictures out there about the excellent WW1 combat sim Rise Of Flight but hardly any of them have the possibility of telling war tales as this. Two biplanes duke it out above the untouched fields of Flanders. Gracious, beautiful, calm, war.

Fall From Grace- Battlefield 1

For such a terrible conflict, World War 1 in videogames always gives way to excellent visual results. This screenshot from the first part the thrid mission in the “Friends if High Places” way story from Battlefield 1 presents you with the quietness of the war as you try to escape from behind the enemy lines. The mission itself is quite tedious, as is much of the game’s hollywoodesk campaigns but at least it gives you something amazing to look at.


As you move forward toward no man’s land, the untouched french countryside turns into a twisted, nightmarish version of itself.

The Portuguese Troops in Medieval Kingdons 1212

For something a little bit lighter, now! Oh! The middle ages, those were the times, remember? When you could just get the plague and die? Or get your head, arms and legs cut off in the battlefield?

Totally not hauling your mom in EuroTruck Simulator 2

If you think the only heavy thing I carry daily is your mom, you’re mistaken. Clearly you can see me hauling some big ass (no your mom) caterpillar somewhere I don’t really remember.

War Thunder

This is probably one of my favorite screenshots of all time taken in a realistic battle in War Thunder back then. I haven’t logged into War Thunder for a long time, it’s probably time to take the good ol’ P-36 for a ride again.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X- Steam Edition

I just like planes.




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