New Second Front DLC ‘Bully Beef and Biscuits’ Adds Commonwealth Forces and Desert Tile Set

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Tea Time and Biscuits

Second Front and World War 2 armchair generals must be eagerly awaiting the release of the “Bully Beef and Biscuits” DLC for the semi-popular World War II turn-based wargame released early this year. This DLC will feature the Commonwealth forces, a new desert tile set, and new campaigns and scenarios.

The addition of the Commonwealth forces introduces a new level of depth and variety to the game, and players will now have the opportunity to fight with and against these forces in new campaigns and scenarios. The “Bully Beef and Biscuits” DLC also features a new desert tile set, including Hamada, Cactus, Sand, Sand Dunes, Date Trees, and Sangar. Players can even decorate their desert maps with new decorations and use new structures to deploy mortars on rooftops.

In addition to these new features, environmental factors such as dusk and dawn sun blindness and dust from vehicles moving across the desert will also become a factor when engaging in battles within this new battlespace. Players must take these into account when planning their strategy.

The “Bully Beef and Biscuits” DLC includes new campaigns and scenarios, such as the “Attack on Dier el Shein” and the “Battle for Caen”, and players can command 45 tanks, 8 jeeps, and trucks, 1 Bren Carrier, 9 guns, and use the British PIAT anti-tank weapon.

In conclusion, the “Bully Beef and Biscuits” DLC promises to be an exciting addition to the already popular Second Front wargame. With its new features and campaigns, players can enjoy hours of immersive gameplay. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the new Commonwealth forces and desert tile set in this thrilling World War II turn-based wargame.

My Review Of The Base Game

“I love Second Front but there are a lot of things that still manage to piss me off a lot of times when I’m playing it. This doesn’t mean I don’t love the game, and in fact, I would argue is one of the games with the most potential to come out since I started reviewing games in Strategy and Wargaming all the way back in 2017. It’s an excellent entry in the genre, and its low price point of 33,99€ (or your regional equivalent) only makes Second Front an easy recommendation in my book for more experienced wargamers, but it’s going to be a hard sell for newcomers to the genre and it most certainly won’t dethrone Battle Academy and Battle Academy 2 has the neighborhood friendly wargames.

Don’t let that deter you, however, if you love complex mechanics and thinking over every move you make, love unforgivable and brutal ground-to-ground combat, and are looking for a modular wargame where scenario creation comes rather naturally, then what are you waiting for?

If anything, what Second Front has the most going for it, it’s the overabundance of complexity and the fact that it isn’t afraid to embrace, in fact, I would argue it’s one of the most complex wargames at the tactical scale level, surpassed solely (only in some aspects) by the likes of Combat Mission and the Graviteam Tactics series. And due to this, Second Front earns a respectable five stars and a Strategy and Wargaming Golden Seal of Approval for experienced wargamers. Younglings, however, must proceed with caution and don’t be fooled by friendly graphics.”

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