The ULTIMATE List Of The Best Medieval Games Of All Time

Field of Glory II (With the Wolves at the Gates Expansion)

Release Date: The second iteration of Field of Glory came out in October 2017.

Genre: Turn-based-tactical.

Best for: Everybody. Fans of classical warfare and people with an added interest in Early Middle Ages scuffles. Some experience with other similar turn-based games can greatly help mitigate the learning curve.

Excels at: Tactical Warfare in the Early Middle Ages (and Classical).

Feature List: This feature list is solely for the Wolves at the Gates DLC. This DLC has 19 factions (Andalusians, Bulgars, Croatians, Dailami, Fatimids, French, Ghaznavids, Khazars, Khorasanians, Magyars, Moravians, Navarrese, Normans, Pechenegs, Polish, Rus, Scots, Serbians, Vikings), 55 units, 76 army lists (totaling 281), 6 Epic Battles, 74 quick battles, and 6 historically-based campaigns.

There’s really not a lot one can say about Field of Glory II that hasn’t already been said about its younger medieval sibling. Field of Glory II uses exactly the same systems as Medieval and works precisely the same, so both the flaws and praises can be extended. FoGII differs in the fact that it focuses all its efforts on recreating the battles of antiquity.

Two years after its original release, the expansion Wolves at the Gates finally upped the chronological barrier until the end of the first millennium. This expansion focuses on shedding some light on the military scuffles of the so-called “Dark Ages” and it does a fantastic job at doing so by focusing its efforts on accurately representing the struggle of Byzantium, the Viking raids on the north, and the rise of the Holy Roman Empire under the rule of Charlemagne. Most importantly, for me, is the representation of the Al-Andalus during the Umayyad conquest of the Peninsula.

If Field of Glory II: Medieval sounds interesting enough to you, then the original Field of Glory II should fit you just right.

NEXT: Crusader Kings 2 (and 3)

3 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE List Of The Best Medieval Games Of All Time

  1. Awesome list, I’m caching up with the blog, I’m playing other stuff from modern warfare, but it made me revisit some of the classics that mention here.


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