The Most Anticipated Strategy and Wargames Releasing in 2022

2022 – A Promising Year

First of all, before we start, let me know what you think about the black and white pictures I’ve been using as opening images. Do you like it? Or would you rather have the games on it? I think they’re working great but I understand mileage may vary here so I’m going with the traditional game screenshot but would love to use more black and white, real-life pictures.

The year 2021 was an abnormal year for gaming. The triple-A gaming scene spent most of the year as drier than the boots of a Special Air Service operative in Tunisia- The year’s biggest releases account for a hand full of, generally speaking, semi-commercial but soon forgotten seasonal successes. Step into the world of Strategy and Wargaming and 2021 will live on as one of the best years for the genre.

War In The East 2, Warplan Pacific, Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive, Age of Empires IV, Combat Mission: Cold War, and plenty of others filled digital libraries to the brim. And while 2021 is worthy of a retrospective in and of itself, it’s the perfect time to look at what’s coming next. It’s hard to prospect a year as great as the one gone by but, if the recent announcements have proved me anything is that there’s still a couple of things to be hopeful about. This list will feature games that will definitely come out in 2022 and games that might. This is also a curated list of games that might offer some semblance of quality, otherwise, this list would mostly comprise Steam’s unpalatable and never-ending shovelware.

A lot of games were postponed from 2021 to 2022, meaning there’s a chance I forgot some. Please, if you notice a game that’s missing please write in the comments down below and I’ll add it as soon as possible.

Like all my lists, this will be divided across several pages to make recurrent consultation and updating all across the year more easily.

Traditional Wargames

Real-Time Strategy Games

Turn-Based Strategy Games

Simulation Games

Tycoon and Management


4 thoughts on “The Most Anticipated Strategy and Wargames Releasing in 2022

  1. Panzers on the Steppe is not worth to be here.
    And I say this with sorrow, as it has a Mac version.
    – pricey
    – no AI
    – clunky UI/UX



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