Strategy and Wargaming News – 6th December – Flashpoint Campaigns Cold War, Attack at Dawn, Gunner, HEAT, PC!

Things have been extremely crowded around here, with hundreds of new viewers coming in every single day. Welcome, welcome everyone, to my humble inn. Sit down and have a look at the menu. Might I suggest you give Campaign Series: Ardennes Offensive a taste? Or can I interest you in the African delicacies and exotic flavors of SGS Heia Safari? Maybe you’re interested in trying an old, familiar flavor with a modern cuisine twist, read how WDS is transforming JTS. There’s an endless menu of wargaming content for you to peruse. Into the latest news, because there’s a lot to look forward to!

Attack at Dawn: North Africa

This is one I’ve been eyeing for a while now, even though it never showed up on the website. However, it wasn’t until I had the chance to take a peek at Panzer Division Games gameplay that the game struck me as peculiar, especially due to the fact that it can be played in real-time. Heresy!- Shouts the unruly mob of hex-and-counter traditionalists. Sush!- Say I – For every wargame that prides itself in having “fast and intensive gameplay”, a “polished interface” is “Historical” and packs a “Large Map” is worthy of attention. There’s no release date announced for Attack At Dawn: North Africa. On a teasing note, there might be a developer interview coming soon to a Strategy and Wargaming near you.

Gunner, HEAT, PC! Spotted on Steam, Free Demo

Too broke or unsure if Steel Beasts Pro Edition is worth the asking price? Gunner, HEAT, PC! is finally on Steam and their most recent public build demo is available for free via their page. There’s no better price than free, and having played it a couple of long months back, when it first came out on itch, it’s pretty solid. I’ll be following this one quite attentively.

Home of Wargamers Live + Winter Edition Teases Broken Arrow Gameplay

If I could be a fly, one of the first things on my to-do list would be to spy on the team developing Broken Arrow. Fortunately, I no longer wish to be a disease-transmitting abomination, because Slitherine is promising to showcase the gameplay of their new title during their winter edition of Home of Wargamers Live +. The event will take place on the 14th of December, starting at 2pm, and Broken Arrow is scheduled to make an appearance at 5.35 PM on the 14th of December. Watch it here Slitherine TV.


Sid Meier’s Command Series Collection Out On Steam

This one went completely under the radar, only coming across it after trudging through the mess that is Steam Wargame tags. It seems that on the 30th of November, Microprose and Atari released the entire Sid Meier’s Command Series Collection. The curated collection is composed of three titles, Crusade in Europe, originally released in 1985, is the first title in the Command Series and features real-time battles, and comes with five different scenarios. Decision in the Desert launched later that year, again composed of five historically accurate scenarios from the Second World War, now set during the North African Campaign. A year later, in 1986, Conflict Vietnam was the third and final entry in the series and it launches the franchise into the deep, impenetrable jungles of ‘Nam. Each of which will set you back $6.99, and 25% off if players snag the entire bundle.

Flashpoint Campaigns- Cold War: Southern Storm Explained

This developer post is already too long for me to write anything of note but it’s important to point out that the latest version of Flashpoint Campaigns series, launches in early 2022. You can follow On Target Simulations Facebook page for more information or


It’s a grand tactical wargame set at the height of the Cold War with the action centered on the year 1989. As the force Commander, you will plan and then issue orders and Standard Operating Procedures to your battalion, brigade, or regimental forces shaping the fight by maneuver and your intent. Your forces will engage the enemy on 20km x 15km or larger rendered real-world map locations. Each hex is 500m of militarily significant terrain. Each battle can last 4 to 24 hours of in-game time. Your troops will meet their foes during any time of day, and any kind of weather. The game engine is based on asynchronous WEGO turns. This means you will issue orders then watch a variable amount of time unfold on the battlefield. Then issue or adjust orders to react to what has happened as you execute your battle plan. Flashpoint Campaigns-Cold War: Southern Storm is a deep simulation of combat operations where your forces are arranged in maneuver units of companies, platoons, and sections of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, infantry squads and teams, recon forces, engineers, air-defense and anti-tank systems, helicopters and more. As the Commander, you will need to use available off-map assets like long-range artillery, rockets, or airstrikes. You may be faced by the specter of using chemical or nuclear weapons to support your forces on the map and win the day. Your efforts in this complex battlespace will be constantly challenged by modeled features like Electronic Warfare, Air Superiority, Realistic Weather, Line of Sight and Fire, Terrain and Elevation, Smoke and Mines, and Human Factors like training, morale, and readiness. All these elements must be considered if you are to be victorious on the battlefield. To help you navigate these critical factors, the game is packed with information dialogs, map overlays, and range rings to aid you as Commander, master the situation, and understand the capabilities of your forces. Southern Storm, the first module of the Cold War series, covers areas of Southern Germany on 40 plus maps and an extensive selection of military equipment from 1980 to 1989. You will lead forces from the United States, France, Canada, West-Germany, Soviet Union, East-Germany, and Czechoslovakia. These nations will be fighting in many replayable scenarios and campaigns both in solo efforts or with allied nations fighting by your side. Flashpoint Campaigns-Cold War: Southern Storm is a data-rich simulation where each nation has information on National Characteristics, Command Parameters, and Orders of Battle. Data Tables are packed with era-specific equipment and troops. Weapon Systems of the time such as guns, missiles, precision munitions, small arms, and much more are comprehensively modeled. As a toolkit, you can create your own scenarios and campaigns. There is also the ability to dive deeper and create or modify game data, artwork, and sound effects as you see fit. All these modding capabilities are supported by detailed documentation. Flashpoint Campaigns-Cold War: Southern Storm is coming early 2022 from Matrix Game. Are you ready Commander?”

Regiments Delayed

When Regiments was first announced few were discontent with the idea of having another Wargame on their hands, especially one created by a new team, with fresh ideas and being published by the recently revived Microprose. Unfortunately, my first time playing it a couple of months back in the Steam Festival has left me with the impression that it’s only aiming to be a less impressive, and graphically worse iteration than the game it’s drawing its inspiration from. Hopefully, during this Christmas Open Playtest for the new Operations mode impressions will change for the better. In the meanwhile, the developer announced the game release date is getting kicked back to 2022 in order to ensure buyers “have a solid game right away”.

War In The East 2 Coming to Steam This Week

If the wargaming genre had the equivalent of a schoolyard bully, War in the East 2 would be it. Now, the monstrous wargame is marching into the Eastern Front of videogames that is Steam. Take charge of the advancing germans or the defending Russians when Barbarrosa starts on the 9th of December. I’m assuming Slitherine and Matrix will hand out Steam codes if you bought the game on their website prior to it going to Steam.

The Avid Wargamer Has a New Face

The mad lad behind The Avid Wargamer, Max Chee has released a new and improved version of his website, focusing on a new editorial direction, moving towards more historical-related content with the introduction of a new writer named Garret. I’m a great fan of Max’s enthusiasm for the genre and we regularly exchange some words here and there about what each of us is currently working on. It’s great to know that someone else is helping create new and quality content.


NWS Wargaming Store Down Temporarily

The Avid Wargamer broke out the news that Christopher Dean, NWS Owner has, unfortunately, passed away. William Miller wrote:

“It is my sad duty to announce that Christopher Dean, NWS Owner/Store Operator, passed away this last evening: Dec 1, 2021. He was an associate of mine for 20+ years, but more importantly, he was a good friend for whom I could always count on. He will be sorely missed by myself and those who knew him – Chris would always have a kind/funny thing to say to perk up someone who was down, and IMHO he truly cared about “his” customers, personally telephoning and speaking to many of them over the years about their store issues, and sometimes even just to see how they were doing. Right now the NWS Online Storefront, while technically ‘open’ is not actively manned, so for now I strongly encourage potential customers to hold off purchases until arrangements can be made to officially close the current store and open a new one – this may take a bit of time, as I suspect anyone who has dealt with such matters may attest to. I will make an announcement here when it officially opens.”

He recently added that “I wanted to wait a bit before dealing with this subject, but after a number of questions regarding the NWS Online Store today I have decided to post what I know (and understand right now) about the status of the store to be as transparent as possible:

Christopher was the Owner and Operator of the NWS Online Store, and (as I understand it) his wife was also listed as the same when the new store was setup last year. Christopher never did (and I might add never intended to from my knowledge) incorporate NWS nor the Online Store, so with the passing of both Chris and his wife it would appear that all assets of the store (any stock/product, monies held in account, etc) and all liabilities (monies owned for stock, etc) are legally part of his estate, which will need to undergo probate (in court) as almost all estates have to undergo. As I am neither a beneficiary nor an owner I cannot legally do anything with the Online Store myself…even if I had the access to do so, which I do not.

For anyone who has any interest in the store (you are still owed product, etc) please keep checking in here and I will do my best to update you (and everyone) as to the current status and or any changes with all of this.

Thank you for your time, and God Bless.”

Company of Heroes 3 Open Multiplayer Beta

There’s still some time left to give Company of Heroes 3 Open Multiplayer Beta a go! Unfortunately, I’ve only managed to play a couple of games and got absolutely slammed by the AI. Players who had already sign-up for the alpha need not sign in again.

The Great War Mod 6.0 Out Now

This is some wild stuff! It seems that the fantastic (and old) The Great War mod, version 6 for Napoleon is coming out on the 25th of December of this year.



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